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Capacity of the subconscious?

Some say the only way to reach the subconscious level of our mind is through dreams and hypnosis.
Do you think our subconscious takes every second of our life and stores it? Or, do you think the subconscious stores data in fragments? For example only stores things that are very relevant and important based upon unknown mechanisms (such as emotional response at a particular time).


  1. I think that the subconscious stores everything that is either forgotten or suppressed. And the other way to reach into the subconscious is through impulses, our opposite thought of our decision, like to help a young child, or to leave it.
    You should look up Carl Jung and his principles of opposites, equivalence, and entropy.

  2. The conscious is the left hemisphere of the brain. The subconscious is the right hemisphere. It remembers mostly emotional events. Which is what most people call “Spiritual”.

  3. This is a good question. My personal belief is that the subconscious is like auto pilot it works without our thought and does things we don’t think about doing. Case in point, when was the last time you had to think about breathing? Of course I never actually studied it so I could be wrong.

  4. We reach our subconscious every waking minute, not just when we sleep or get hypnotized.
    Your conscious mind cannot begin to store all that your subconsciouness knows. But there is a search light piercing the darkness of the subconscious all the time, searching for the right word, the right concept, the memory that you almost remembered yesterday when you go on the bus but then someone asked you a question and you forgot again.
    The consciousness is consciousness of the moment and of what that moment requires of consciousness. What that moment requires is found in the storage bin, the pantry, the lock box, the footlocker we call the subconscious.


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