cant sense chi energy as well?

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about 2 wks ago i was doing exceptionally well with all my chi exersizes which i have been doing for about a yr, bu t for a week i went to nyc and now when i return i cannot sense or manipulate chi nearly as well as i used to. is there a reason for this? is there anything i can do to fix this? thanks and please no bogus answers about chi not being real because it is proven fact that it is…
how long should i meditate outside. is it over like several months or something?

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Bitter Tear

Maybe you have to cleanse yourself after all you were in NY and it can be quite arrogant. Maybe you need to cleanse your self and start by centering your chi again. Sometimes if you are also ill or stressed etc you can have a hard time sensing.

The Jack of Black Hearts

You need to be around nature more…Its been proven that Chi contributes to your center. What they don’t say is that Chi also involves being intact with the planet. With good Chi you can hear the breath and heart of the earth. Being in NYC around all of those buildings and unearthly things dulled your Chi so you need to be intact with nature more to center yourself and better your Chi.
Go into a wooded area or even wake up really early and sit on your lawn while practicing Chi exercises. It will return to normal don’t worry.

Shadow Storm ☥ Witch ✡ Healer ☯

I agree with previous answers. Sounds like a cleansing and some grounding is in order. Well the person above me said to do it in nature but sounds to me like he meant grounding. Being firmly connected to the earth, what is known as “grounding”, will help you have a healthy auric field to protect you, help you concentrate and when we are grounded we are more able to sense energies around us. If you have been spending too much time indoors then that could be a problem too. from time to time i have to go out and spend some time with nature. It is true that you can ground from anywhwere even at the tallest building in NYC but you get more out of it our in nature.
Even if it’s a small patch of grass and a tree. You can hug the tree or if this is too weird then you can rest your back to the tree and ask it to help ground your energy and when you are done give back some energy to the tree. I like to get miracle grow sticks for trees and plants and carry them when i know I will need plan assistance. It is a wonderful way to give back.
How long this takes will be up to you. Once you feel you no longer need the tree or outside you can continue your chi work from any place.
Shadow Storm


you may want to do a cleansing Qi Gong, Going to nyc is like swimming in a drainage pool–who knows what’s it, what stuck to you or how much electromagnetic energy you passed over, through and around, re establish your focus. Relations with a partner will affect things also.


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