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Cant say I believe in crop circles, but were can I see the footage of the circles being made ?

It was on a mysteries type sky prog last night and showed balls of light going around and above a field and the circles being made ?

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  1. It’s all a joke. a few years back two men admitted that they had started the whole crop circle thing of many years ago. they even showed how they did it. in day light, and at night. and the one they made that night on camera was as good as any you’ll see anywhere o and the camera crew were using infrared cameras so no one could say they helped with giving them light. and yes i know they can be found all over the world today but if you go back to the first ever crop circles you will see they started here in the UK. it’s just others have gotten to know how to do them that you now have people all over the world doing it. a bit like graffiti for the country side. people all over are just trying to be the ones that make the best ones out there that’s all.


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