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Candle-burning rituals in Wicca tips?

Any tips you may have on carving? Which colors are best for the Goddess/God?
Why is grounding energy so important? Any good podcasts on Wicca?
Thanks again for all your tips!!!
Blessed Be!
Whats good for New Moon? Since we are in it right now?
Should grounding be done after the ceremony or before?


  1. The new moon isn’t until 10:19pm EDT tonight, so we’re not in the New moon yet.
    Be careful not to cut yourself while carving.
    Whatever colors work best for you are what will work best.
    Grounding is important so you don’t get sick.

  2. Based on this and other questions, I don’t think you mean Wicca at all, but magic, and I don’t think you’re reading any answers.

  3. Well, the Goddess is silver, the God gold. If you want to represent both aspects I would use purple, a symbol of divinity. But i wouldn’t be dabbling in anything i didn’t know since candle colors are basics anyone practicing should know beforehand. Grounding energy is also very basic, you don’t want to send out any energy without clear intent or being grounded and strong. We can’t just let energy float around with no direction or clear intent, that isn’t very responsible. I would do alot of studying and gain alot more knowledge before persuing more hands on material. Brightest Blessings!

  4. Tips: “The Enchanted Candle : Crafting and Casting Magickal Light” by Lady Rhea with Eve LeFey.
    Colors: I don’t use candles to represent my Deities. Instead I use a central lamp flanked by two appropriate action figures 🙂 However, the most common color associations that I’ve come across are silver/Goddess and gold/God, green/Goddess and red/God, and white/Goddess and yellow/God.
    Grounding after ritual, meditation, or energy work helps remove excess energy which could otherwise make you ill.

  5. I don’t know any podcasts.
    What kind of carving tips would you like? For the how– it’s best to get a small metal tool for it, but it can be done with a knife, pin, or even thumbtack.
    If you mean why– then you probably should do more research before worrying about it.
    Which colors are best for God and Goddess– depends. Which God and Goddess? What do they represent to you, what aspect are you tapping? Really, you can use any color, it doesn’t matter, but if a certain color seems most appropriate to you, you can use it– or just use white.
    Grounding is important if you manage to raise energy and there is too much risidual energy. My daughter, for instance, is hyper-sensitive, so any time we have a ritual, or go to a public ritual, she needs to ground, usually more than once, or she gets so hyped up it’s like she drank 2 quarts of coffee. She can literally be up all night bouncing off the walls until she grounds.


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