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Cancer question?

In America, why is the only acceptable way to treat cancer through the use of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery? Why are other methods shunned on? I ask this question, because my uncle recently beat his cancer through a program called Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation, which is a program created by Dr. David Jubb, out of New York. Dr. David Jubb holds a PhD in neurobehavioural physiology from NYU, a Masters degree in sport physiology, trained olympians in Australia, and deeply apprenticed in the lineage of Toltec Shamanism for 15 years. He is a specialist in blood formation, NLP, Hypnoththerapy, cell rejuvenation, and far more subjects than can be listed here.
His program has been proven effective by many people, including my uncle, who is living proof of someone who has beaten cancer without the use of radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. Why are these methods shunned on by conventional doctors?
It just irritates me that these methods are shunned on, yet, it saved the life of a man who I love and admire greatly. Dr Jubb is an amazing man, and I feel more doctors should truly research into what he does. It could save the lives of many.
I understand that it hasn’t been researched enough, but isn’t his work an example of a proven method? This is proof that it isn’t a placebo, when the patient is actually cured of cancer. This isn’t an isolated case either. If Dr Jubb has SO much success, why isn’t his work researched by other professionals? The man is saving lives, no matter how you view his approach.


  1. This is not new, the medical profession has been suppressing cancer cures for a long time, WHY? because the medical trinity {chemo-radiation-surgury} is profitable, the average cancer patient spends $50,000 – $200,000 on conventional diagnosis, treatment and aftercare {or shall I say hospice fee’s?}. According to Ralph Moss, the medical trinity is only effective for 2% of cancers, that includes none of the major cancers {colon, breast, lymphoma}, and has a 15% success rate for atleast 5 years after treatment, they can only gurantee a 5 year cure!. The fact that the cancer keeps ‘returning’ perplexes doctors, since they are not treating the cause, but the symptoms.
    If a cancer cure were to be found tommorow, I’m sure the pharmaceutical company will find another trillion dollar industry, and scrap all their ongoing ‘research’, expensive drugs and scientists.
    ‘More people are living off the cancer industry than dying from it’
    Check these video’s/articles out:
    Dr. Linus Pauling, twice Noble Prize Winner, held 48PhD’s {Yes, forty-eight}, made the ‘Pauling Scale’ for electronegative atoms in organic chemistry and many other contributions to Chemistry. Dr. Pauling claimed mega doses of Vitamin C can prevent and cure cancer. When such an intelligient and learned man is called a ‘quack’ by the medical profession, you know something is not right with this picture. We now know mega does of Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, and stimulates the production of Hydrogen Peroxide, which oxygeneates the body, cancer cells cannot grow in such an oxygen-rich environement, as they are anaerobic.
    Hope this helps.
    I would just like to add on what Alex F said about brainwashing at medical school. Medical students are bombarded with work load, which results in late-night study, deprivation of sleep is the norm, many student getting 3-5hours or less of sleep per day, when the pace gets faster.
    Ask any psychologist, the best form of mind control is deprivation of sleep {many occults do this, to their followers}, it is constantly being hammered into these young fertile minds, that conventional medicine is the only way, alternative medicine is scam {which they laughingly denote the abbreviation of sCAM}, placebo, orchestrated by money-grabbing chalatans/quacks, and have no credible scientific evidence to support them, thus the therapy should be ignored, ridiculed and unworthy of evaluation or ‘looking into’.
    Unfortunetly this medical suppression fueled by greed and power, does not stop at the Cancer Industry, but also HIV, chronic degenerative diseases {arthritis, angina, heart disease, diabetes}, and mental illness{which I consider worser than cancer}.
    The cure for Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar disorder, and many mental illnesses was found by Dr. Carl Pfieffer MD PhD {and others who practice Orthomolecular Medicine, Dr. A. Hoffer}, decades ago, he used high doses of certain vitamins/minerals to cure the patient, without side-effects!
    These results have been confirmed, and a cure for learning disabilities like dsypraxia, dsylexia, and Autism is being practiced by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McrBride MD{neurologist, nutritionist} in Cambridge, UK, which she details in her book ‘Gut and Psychology Syndrome’ or GAP, which the medical profession refuse to accept as a condition.
    Only a handful of psychiatrists implement his methods{Orthomolecular Psychiatry}, less than 1% of British Psychiatrists, this is a sad truth.
    Unfortunetly, we Alternative Medicine Supporters/practionioners/Patients are all to familiar with medical propaganda, suppression and arrogance.
    The medical propaganda I have come across recently with regards to: Colloidal silver {they claim your skin will go grey}, H2O2{your throat will be damaged}, Enema’s {your rectum will be torn/damaged}, High doses of Vitamins {increases the risk of cancer}, and Oxygen therapies {The MCA {UK’s version of the FDA} has banned the spread of literature, already in the public’s domain, about oxygen therapy, distributed by ECHO}.
    At first this propaganda got to me, I was worried and sceptical, but I have overcome that mountain, and now it is so clear, when you see through the lies, deceptions, and propaganda, it becomes so clear, yet equally disgusting, disappointing and cruel.

  2. These other methods are probably shunned by people because they have not been publicised enough and people probably don’t believe these reports as conventional doctors steer clear of them. Most people tend to regard conventional doctors as God and believe that conventional doctors know everything and that other people such as Dr David Jubb are quacks because they are too brainwashed to even know they are totally brainwashed. Although conventional doctors are probably aware of cell rejuvenation they choose to ignore such reports as it threatens their livelihood and they don’t have the skills and knowledge to use such treatments on cancer patients.
    Most people are bound by traditional and conventional treatments that they trust and have faith in and trying to get them to seek treatment from people such as Dr David Jubb is a bit like suggesting that they are in the wrong religion and should change their religion. Traditions and customs evolve very very very slowly. In the far distant future treatments such as cell rejuvenation will hopefully become quite common.
    A web search for “cell rejuvenation” + jubb in Yahoo turned up over 100 results but all the sites or certainly the first 3 or 4 all seemed to be commercial sites inviting you to buy books on cell rejuvenation.

  3. To have any treatment or medication for a disease officially recognized requires extensive studies and research, using established protocols as to how the treatment or medication compares with use of a placebo, other drugs etc, and the safety of that treatment of medication. Alternative practitioners do not have the financial resources (millions, even billions of dollars are spent by drug companies to meet FDA requirements and gain approval) to follow recognized approval guidelines.
    Alternative practitioners, no matter how successful they believe their treatments to be, do not use recognized scientific method to prove their results.
    They rely on what is termed ‘anecdotal ‘ evidence as in your case where uncle Joe had treatment from Dr Jubbs and he is ‘cured’. so it must work. In other words it is a testimonial and ‘word of mouth’ approach where alternative practitioners point to certain patients who have had their cancer go into remission while they are undergoing alternative treatment as their evidence. Now this doesn’t mean they are not able to help some people. They will point out that chemotherapy is filling your body with poisons (and this is not denied by traditional medicine). After all they are trying to kill the cancer without killing you with the treatment itself. This is why patients have all sorts of blood tests while undergoing chemo so dosages can be adjusted.
    Traditional doctors will say things like. “Cancer sufferers go into remission without any treatment at times (and this is true). So how do you know it was the alternative treatment that caused the remission? Maybe there were other unknown factors involved. Uncle Joe may have gone into remission without any treatment. Many people have tried these alternative treatments ignoring conventional medicines and died.” Traditional doctors can give percentage chances of success with approved treatments because of the research. This means that they will never say they can ‘cure’ you, as research shows a certain percentage will die using approved treatments. traditional dovtors are also often loathe to even contemplate that anything outside traditional medicine could work. It would undermine the profession with all its required years of training.
    Traditional doctors will quite rightly point out that studies in neurophysiology and experience with Olympic athletes is not training for treating cancer.
    Now this doesn’t mean that some alternative practitioners haven’t stumbled across methods of treatments or lifestyle changes that could improve your chances of beating cancer.
    Alternative practitioners often concentrate on improving the body’s immune system to fight off cancer naturally.
    Traditional doctors will recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle to ward off or reduce your chance of contracting diseases such as heart disease, bowel cancer, lung cancer etc. and to improve your immune system. But once you have the disease they don’t think it safe to rely on this approach to ‘cure’ the disease. A lot of ‘natural’ products have been examined by drug companies to see if some extract may help treat disease but these would have to undergo the rigorous official testing procedures for approval.
    Unfortunately as pointed out earlier it is impossible for an individual alternative practitioner to afford the required research for official approval.
    Now this leaves the probably somewhat terrified cancer sufferer in a dilemna. Traditional medicine won’t promise a cure but knows the percentages and has the research to back up its approach. But how do I know if an alternative practitioner has a treatment that might just work? Can he/she guarantee it will work? Can they show you original diagnoses, all treatments undertaken ( as some people combine traditional and alternative in their search for a cure) results for all their patients to attempt to prove their bona fides? You see there is more than one alternative and practitioner out their claiming to have the answer. How could I possibly pick the right one? There are after all some complete charlatans out there. You can’t afford to take the approach that all alternative practitioners are automatically more honest and noble than your average doctor.
    Now I’ll let you know something. My wife has had bowel cancer. Her lifestyle shouldn’t have led her down that track, lifetime vegetarian almost vegan and at times totally vegan, non-drinker non-smoker. She had the section of bowel removed and the affected lymph nodes followed ny chemotherapy. This wasn’t a pleasant experience but she will most likely be ok, no cancer there now. Guarantee it will never come back, no. Alternative treatments? Well she wants to see a doctor in the US (we live in Australia) who has according to anecdotal evidence had great success with cancer sufferers over many many years. He uses a lifestyle approach with certain supplements but requires a lifetime committment to the program to stay cancer free. Is there a guarantee from him, no.

  4. A doctor’s job is not to cure a patient but to create a society devoid of any diseases. Are they doing that? Don’t you think they will be out of job if they does it. Suppression of diseases and later when it again surfaces, consider it as an altogether new malady and treat it so is very lucrative. Medicine and Health are a very thriving industry. And in Industry and business there is not much signifcance for value and sentiments. What brings in wealth and success are adopted. Working behind the curtains of science, normal argument is whatever scientifically not provable is not an acceptable. And that which has been scienfically proved does not count even 1`% of the knowledge available on the surface of earth and Universe.

  5. Maybe because David Jubb(some self proclaimed credentials) drinks his own urine, claims he lived for years without eating food or drinking water, had his son taken away by court order, could not produce medical evidence that the persons were cured of cancer as he claims and uses half-baked truths or pseudoscience in his so-called treatments-he is NOT an M.D. or a Naturopathic physician. He also offers a program for poor, unsuspecting people for over $4,000.00.As the saying goes,”Proof is in the pudding.”I am all for Alternative Medicine, but unsubstantiated claims is plain snake oil.He needs to present corroborating evidence the person(s) indeed, had Cancer, that it was receding, and that it was gone.He has done none of this and can not without the proper credentials.Allopathic and Alternative Medicine, both, have their places.Many supplements(especially herbs and glandulars) and even some foods,exert medicinal effects, and, can even change the way medicines and drugs affect you,but there needs to be some regulations for safety reasons.
    As far as your Uncle, do you have medical proof he had Cancer, that it was disappearing, and, finally, that it is, indeed, gone?I would not trust David Jubb.This is not to say there are not treatments out there that are off the beaten path that work-there are,but I question David Jubb’s methods as should you.By the way, eating RAW foods is not always healthy-recent tomatoes and salmonella scare.Raw foods may look healthy, but their nutrient content is not the same as a human’s so may not provide adequate nourishment and may contain parasites, insectisides, and low nutitional value.
    I could go on the radio and say I am sending out my healing energy to all who are listening.Statistically, about 10 % of the population goes through spontaneous healing(no known explanation). Guess what, I am now a faith healer-you will only hear the stories of people being healed, not the ones who were not healed-aaah yes, it was because their faith was not strong enough.Scientific tests on this-intereferes with my healing energies.All ends are covered. By the way, are you interested in buying the Golden Gate Bridge? I can make you a good deal-LOL!!!
    To those giving me the thumbs down, I am not being sarcastic, the above is ALL true about David Jubb.I am not asking him to do research, just back up the claims he is making.A life or two maybe saved by doing so.Why would you NOT buy the Golden Gate bridge from me-I have not presented proof of ownnership-so, on the same basis, why should a life be risked on something WITHOUT proof(not research)-basic tests showing progression/recession of the cancer-most holistic remedies have scientific proof behind them(i.e.-garlic to fight bacteria-sulfur compounds in garlic).
    NOTE: Even famous scientists can error-Linus Pauling, famous chemist, mega dosed on vitamin C for years to fight cancer and heart disease-what did he DIE OF-PROSTATE CANCER?Well uhh-maybe he did not take high enough dose of vitamin C.So much for researched alternative treatments. I am a holistic consultant and always advice my clients to get baseline tests from a medical doctor before starting any new regimes.
    Incidentally, high doses of Vitamin C cause kidney stones,osteoporosis, headaches, hypoglycemia, weakness, anemia, PMS, may increase infections by causing copper deficiency, reduced estrogen, reduced progesterone, reduced prolactin-very dangerous for pregnant persons.The acid-alkaline balance of the body is also thrown off.
    EDIT: If I have errored, please, present a case or two of David Jubb,BACKED BY MEDICAL TESTING THAT THE PATIENT WAS CURED, NOT ANECDTAL HEARSAY.

  6. I know a variety of health practicioners who utilize alternative therapies, I’ve researched the stuff extensively, and regularly used it on friends and family members with all sorts of nasty diseases (including cancer). Given all of that, my opinion now can effectively be summed up as followed:
    It’s easier to get away with having a meth lab in your house then a procedure which actually treats people (and more likely to get a swat team raid at gunpoint). That’s honestly really difficult for people to believe, especially those directly raised in the medical system, but once you get real world experience with this (which I admit isn’t as easy as enrolling in a college) it becomes pretty clear it’s a common occurance.
    So this raises a larger question? Why on earth is this happening. There are points I’m skipping over, but essentially, in the early 18th century, the Rockefellers (and to a lesser extent Carnigees) took over the medical system (look up the flexner report), and set to monopolize the entire practice of medicine in this country (ie. originally going after homeopathy). Over time, this progressed to instituting a systemic bias against cheap therapies, and favoring those which were not effective and required repeated application (which often also means they are “toxic or harmful”). Since these parties are deeply connected to the government, it’s been very easy for them to get crackdowns carried out on any competing business models (ie. swat team raids on accupuncture clinics in china town for immigrants).
    There are a couple of sacred cows for the medical industry, and the Cancer one is about at the top of it. It’s been a fairly consistent trend that anyone producing an effective treatment against cancer gets in a lot of trouble (and often is imprisoned). I’m quite familiar with 3 famous scientists who had that happen to them (and left cancer treatment protocols which have worked when I used them on others), but I’m pretty sure there are others who have fit into the model I’m not aware of.
    If you want to get into an endless debate about why certain alternative treatments are better than chemotherapy or radiation, it’s somewhat of a lost cause for most doctors (unless they saw the efficacy through first hand experience). Unless you’ve gone to medical school, it’s very difficult to understand the brainwashing that goes on; it just leaves you with a world view which is incompatible with alternative therapies.
    Most of the arguments they have are inherently flawed (for instance, in actual life time survival, instead of immediate short term effect, the evidence existing shows they are WORSE than doing nothing, and allopathy decries alternative medicine for only using anecdotal evidence; yet that’s the primary thing used for conventional therapy….and they attack quacks for sharking consumers, but no alternative treatments go over 10k, while most conventional ones are in the 200,000 not counting subsequent remissions).
    As far as the specific method you listed, I actually know nothing about it (strangely). I also don’t put as large a weight on credentials as most (since I have found lots of people who have been idiots with every degree imaginable, and others with nothing that got consistent results). Hence, I can’t actually evaluate the treatment you’re mentioning here, and it’s quite possible it could work well or just be another case of alternative medicine fraud (which does exist).
    Hope that helps!

  7. According to my sources, some of it has to do with the fact that most natural cures are plant based and you can’t patent a plant… therefore the big pharmas and their minions, the doctors, aren’t interested in these types of cures.
    As far as radiation and surgery go, I agree with the prevailing opinions above. Simple brainwashing. I’ve beaten a couple of ‘incurable diseases’ through alternative means.

  8. See the documentary ” Hoxie..When Healing Becomes A Crime” , about harry Hoxey in 1924 .He had kept the cost affordable so people from all walks of life could be helped . Just as he was about to sell his treatment to the AMA , he learned they would not be keeping the cost down to the consumer..so he never sold his treatment ..but he was persecuted despite proof of those who he helped . This is a chilling documentary narrated by the actor who played Sgt. Wojo on Barney Miller , after his own wife died of cancer .

  9. I would imagine because any new non allopathic discoveries would seriously threaten their position.
    Not all claims for these treatments will be true but I do think there is something in some of them.
    I remember seeing a documentry about folk who’d inadvertently built machines which were more than 100% efficient.
    Physicist very skeptically went along to see them. Once shown that the energy output was greater than energy input the answer was always the same.
    “this isn’t a laboritory”
    “Would you like to take it away to a laboritory for further examination?”
    “No that wouldn’t be appropriate”
    No machine can be 100% efficient but it is possible to design machines which draw energy form the fabric of space giving the appearance of greater than 100% efficiency.
    Teslar did a lot of experiments on this but his notes were either destroyed or Hidden (I personally think he destroyed them because he stubbled upon something too dangerous to be experimented on at the time).
    Hardline physicist don’t want to discover this because it means they have to re-theorise everything.
    This is the same with medics or anyother closed “scientific” field.
    “If we haven’t discovered it, or if we can’t test it using our narrrow view of the world, it is a fake and/or doesn’t exist”
    The most annoying thing, to me, about allopathic cancer treatment is although the success rate and survival rate is often poor it is illegal to let anyone else have a go to see if they can do better in many countries.
    My therapy doesn’t claim to be able to cure cancer but I’d be interested to see objective testing from some of the other ones using a decent testing model instead of the very flawed model favoured by the scientific community.


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