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Can Zen Meditation or Yoga heal my blood pressure?

I am a Fruitarian-Rawfoodist and by my diet after 2 years I was able to drop the blood pressure to 100/60 with the help of 2 blood pressure medications,. It was so low that my Doctor asked me to get off medications until it comes back to normal then resume the meds. I don’t want to resume my BP medications. It has been 10 days and my BP is back to 130/90 (average). I am 46 , 153 for 6.2. My bP is food sensitive(that’s why I am a strict Rawfoodist) but is also partially genetic. Can Yoga help me controlling this blood pressure. ?? I purchased a mat and 2 blocks. I am also open to meditation if necessary. Thanks.


  • I found that after yoga and meditation I have decreased my pulse. I can obtain a 65 pulse rate after and hour session. As far as for blood pressure I am not completely positive. I maintain a great blood pressure most of the time. With your diet as it is, I am sure that your cholesterol levels are great. Yoga will in no way harm your blood pressure level and may help you with many other things as well. I would recommend cardiovascular exercise along with light yoga.

    It sounds like you already have quite the handle on your blood pressure issue though. Health issues are one thing that many seem to ignore.

  • I don’t know about yoga but meditation has scientific backing. Which meditation? Insight and kindness meditation.

    Nothing can be done alone. I mean, easy does it attitude, positive thinking, kindness, ie, a bit of morality and letting go of past hurts etc helps.

    I wish you best of luck and great health!!

  • There are good things in most religions. Try a book of Zen, Tao Te Ching, The Dhammapada, I Ching and the rest.
    As “Egg Shen” says in Big Trouble in Little China, Chinese religion is like a salad bar, we take want we want and leave the rest.
    It couldn’t hurt.

  • yes, my husband is a zen buddhist, he does yoga and meditation and refuses to take medication for his high blood pressure, it reduces stress and my husband’s diet sucks but when he started doing it his blood pressure dropped….

  • You are the one who makes your life as you want it. You can put your faith in practices or drugs, but it’s still you.

    edit…and the you that heals is not apart from God.

  • There is some evidence that some forms of meditation can lower blood pressure due to the relaxation involved. A strict Zen regime is more likely to raise it through frustration, if you just lift chunks of it for health reasons.

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