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Can Zen meditation heals my pathological laziness?

I know it is a sin for a Buddhist to be lazy. I have been lazy all my life since I was a teen. I am intellectually fine but I rarely open a book at school because I was lazy. Now I want to change my life(at 48) and become a web developer but I am still being lazy and won;’t study on a regular bases. I started Zen meditation. Will Zen Buddhism help me fight this pathological laziness? Thanks for your time.
For Reba , I did not start Zen Meditation to stop being lazy 🙂 I was just asking if overall it could help me .


  1. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. The best thing is that you now have something that gives you a reason to actually do something. I think that what you need is a motivation. The rest comes inevitably.

  2. I believe that you could observe the truth about why you procrastinate by meditating. Often just observing an obstacle clearly will eliminate it.
    Work is fun, too, you know.
    Terry W: That’s an excellent answer!

  3. Any faith that you decide to devote yourself to shouldn’t be done because you want a new job. Any religious endeavor is going to take time effort and energy. There is no quick fix for your choice to be lazy, that is unless you no longer decide to be lazy. Before you hang religious symbols with out respecting the religion behind them you should try a pot of coffee first. Good Luck.

  4. I dont know. Will anything make you move? What if i got a Rottweiler to chase you, maybe that will help.

  5. Yes and no.
    One does not take up Zen meditation with a purpose in mind. This contradicts the spirit of Zen. Zen is about learning emptiness. But insofar as your laziness is created by inner conflicts these may eventually quiet down and allow for a clearer practise of intent. It takes a lot of patience – change does not happen overnight, but meditation is certainly benificial.
    I guess what I’m saying is keep an open mind and don’t try to pre-judge what the results should be.

  6. There is no sin in Buddhism. Laziness does not exist, it’s real meaning is – ‘You are not doing what I want you to’. The use of Zen meditation will help you though. It will get peace.
    What will help you to become a web developer is the use of motivation. What is called laziness is just a lack of motivation. Discover what motivates you and you will change.
    Good motivators:
    1 – what will you gain when you have successfully achieved your goal?
    Visualise it – make yourself feel you are there. Do this every day.
    2 – break down your path to the goal into small manageable bits
    Then tick off each as you achieve.
    3 – make out a list of rewards
    every time you achieve a step towards – reward.
    If you are still not achieving then ask:
    1 – Am I depressed?
    A lot of ‘laziness is actually depression. Get it resolved then set off on you path.
    2 – Am I just to satisfied with where I am?
    Often, if things are just too cosy or you have most of what you want or things just do not press on you, then there is no motivation.
    Good work – I hope this has been useful.

  7. Meditation helps to see your inner self and may even point to you how best you can overcome your weakness just as long as you do not feel lazy going into meditation.
    Point of advise however, start doing physical exercises using your hands by lifting from light to heavy object like from washing the dishes to moving furniture, clearing and cleaning the house, watering your plants and mowing the lawn. Turn your bed side up during the day. Unplug your television set for five days, put your music to rock and roll.
    Meditation is the exercise of people who do not want move his body
    and if you believe you are pathologically lazy get away from that first and start shaking your body. If you are not use to what I said, start it on the lighter side. Help in the house cleaning until you can do the most that will make your family happy by having you home. Real meditation is at work and not in the mat. Take a course on Web Development but do not make it an excuse for not having time helping at home.
    Another words: Alternative to meditation is motivation.

  8. I dont really think it will.Meditation might help to keep someones mind calm but if your problem is laziness then an activity that causes you to sit and sort of do nothing probably isnt the most effective solution for it.
    Maybe try something like rollerblading/skating or mountain climbing or using a treadmill at the gym etc.
    Also make sure that you really are lazy and dont have a disorder that makes you sluggish/reluctant to move eg:sleep apnea(do you wake up tired and unrefreshed in the morning?) or phlegm/damp disorders in chinese medicine(do you have a thick yellow or white fur on your tongue?),or depression,vitamin deficiency,or low oxygen levels.
    These and other disorders can make you “lazy” ,sluggish and not want to move whereas true laziness is a problem of the mind/character-for example the spoilt girl/woman with rich parents and a maid might get a bad attitude that she doesnt have to do anything and be’s lazy.

  9. Sure! Once you escape from the wheel of birth and death and stop reincarnating, you won’t have a body to be lazy with!
    Meanwhile, check your nutrition. Get at least 20 grams of protein at breakfast and cut way down on sugar and junk food. If that doesn’t help, ask a doctor.

  10. I once learned in a personal development workshop that our state of mind is not a reality — it’s what we tell ourselves. If my internal dialogue day in and day out is that I am lazy — well that’s what I am going to believe myself to be. Do the reverse and it could change. But nothing can help if I enjoy being lazy. In that case one has to force oneself to give up the pleasure of laziness.


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