Can Zen Mediation help me or not?

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I am terribly hurt by my job situation9my company is trying to fire me), My ex girlfriend left(Separated), I am poor , lack of education , and I am old 48. I am thinking devoting 50% of my time to Zen Meditation. Spending hours per day . Can that help me? I am in pain now. Thanks
PS: How long show I meditate per day?

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Obey Allah and Muhammad or hell

Trust the Qur’an, the bible has been corrupten by Satan himself!
(4:14) “Whoso disobeyeth Allah and His messenger … will make him enter Fire, where he will dwell for ever; his will be a shameful doom.”
(4:18) “Those who die while they are disbelievers. For such We have prepared a painful doom.”
For the disbelievers and those who make a last-minute conversion, Allah has prepared a painful doom.
(4:82) “Will they not then ponder on the Qur’an?”

Jσαииα єνє JPA

Zen mediation can help you feel calm and achieve balance inside yourself. Spend as long as you have to to make yourself better but don’t neglect your body because of it (i.e. you still need to eat and go to the loo etc)


let me get a drink beforei answer that

Sai m

turn to islam.. get a copy of the english quran, read what it has to say.
we pray 5 times a day. thats what u need, u need to convert to islam and choose it as your guidance in life. no matter what befalls you in life, ul always have peace coz ur a muslim.. try going onto youtube typing converts to islam. gives u an insight into why people chose that path and how there lifes are better 🙂


Beginner’s mind, Zen mind by Shunryu Suzuki is a good place to start.


Yes,meditate by listening to your breathing,not by controlling it. Meditation is cessation of mental activity. How ,listen to your breath and focus on your body,not your mind. 15 minutes
or 15 hrs.Your choice. What exactly is Zen meditation? Just be where you are NOW–not where your mind is.don’t follow your mind when meditating.Teach your mind to follow you & since you become NO-Miind in meditation let your mind be content to be NO-Mind too.<>

Miss Buster

You keep changing your name and image, but your mind hasn’t changed.
You’re still a troll.
Zen meditation cannot help trolls.
Zen requires you to take responsibility for your life. If you want to study Zen, stop whining on R&S, get a job, go to school, and be responsible.


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