Home Discussion Forum Can your subconscious mind tell you things in your dreams?

Can your subconscious mind tell you things in your dreams?

like can your subconscious try and tell things in your dreams
somthing thats going to happen?
are they real or is it somthing your mind
tells you what you want to hear


  1. my psychology professor told me that dreams are survival mechanisms. for example, if you dream about drowning, your mind is practicing what to do if that situation ever really happened.

  2. Yes i think that dreams have a lot of meaning and that it could involve either something good/bad from your past or telling you about something that will happen in your future either good or bad.If you keep a dream diary and then decode your dreams by looking it up online you will find out a lot about yourself.That is what I did and it surprised me..It told me things about an ex-boyfriend to what it means to dream about climbing a rock which meant reaching your goals.Try it you’d be surprised.Your mind works in so many ways..but maybe your dreams are trying to tell you something.Listen to them!!


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