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Can your subconscious mind block out things that you didn't want to happen in your life?

I think something happened to me when I was little, and I keep discovering sort of little puzzle pieces. I don’t know if it’s my subconscious trying to tell me something, or the “block” become unblocked, or just my imagination.


  1. It depends what the puzzle pieces are. If it is like ’emotional snapshots’ where you ‘get a feeling’ or something like that irrelevant to the time and place you are in i.e. flashbacks then maybe your mind is trying to tell you something. I have been through a mini phase where that happened. Maybe your mind was just playing tricks on you? I couldn’t say. Maybe get some professional psychological counselling. Anonymous or otherwise.

  2. Yes, it is the defense mechanism used by the brain to protect yourself. In extreme cases, Sybill, people can develop Multiple Personality Disorder.

  3. Yes your subconscious can block out things — usually traumatic incidences that are difficult to come to terms with. The mind is highly susceptible to suggestion though and of course our imaginations can run pretty wild.

  4. Yes especially childhood trauma/ sexual abuse,it’s basically a survival mechanism that happens subconsciously,the trauma being to much to consciously cope with therefore it is cut off from the conscious mind.
    I have personnel experience of this-I got married at 18 with no previous sexual relationships and had many problems with my body,
    making sex difficult.I didn’t enjoy at all in fact I sort of cut off mentally.
    Can’t go into great detail here but my body seemed to have a mind of its own,I had 2children divorced & remarried,had another child by my 2nd husband & then divorced.My life was busy and full but there was
    one memory connected to my mother that I could not even
    let myself think about.
    In my late 40’s I had a very disturbing dream-I awoke in a state of great agitation/distress and my body reacting in a very dramatic way,I got out of bed went downstairs to gather my thoughts,The following day I decided that it couldn’t be “That”couldn’t have happened to me
    and pushed it out of my mind.It was another 2/3 yrs later that I was triggered again in an even more extreme/traumatic way.I still couldn’t
    accept what I now was beginning to realise had happened to me as a very young child.When I eventually (3days later)accepted what had happened (I had no proof) my body reacted again; Sorry to be vague about actual details.
    After this happened I went into quite a depression for some months
    then without any shadow of doubt I knew my mother had known and had done nothing to stop her brother from sexually abusing me.
    One day I woke and decided to confronted my mother,she tried every
    excuse not to see me,as if she knew what I was going to say.
    It was difficult to do but I needed to be absolutely sure It was not just in my head as she had always told people that I imagined things.
    She did in fact admit that she knew,but”You don’t think i wanted him to do that to you do you?” I was less than 3 yrs old, so how else would any small child be able to deal with that but to cut off the memory.
    If you need any further help/support leave me a contact no or e-mail.
    best wishes
    Jean H.


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