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Can your soul get trapped, if you astral project, and go to the other side of the moon?


  1. no, it’s all inside your head in the first place, you didn’t really go anwhere but within yourself. The whole story about jebus ascending into heaven is a metaphor about astral projection, and Jebus tells you the kingdom of “heaven” (the universe) is inside your head… it’s within you… He’s basically touting the Holographic universe theory in a 2,000 year old myth.

  2. Yes. Your soul will find that it is a very peaceful place and not want to come back. I recommend becoming an Atheist so you do not have to worry about your soul being trapped.

  3. No. It’s a freedom from your body…not a prison. And yes, you can go to the other side of the moon, or anywhere. But being fearful is the main reason a lot of people can’t do it. We shouldn’t assume the worst of things…and be a little more adventurous.

  4. Your astral body remains attached to your physical body by a thin silver astral cord while astral projecting. Your soul is not trapped and will always return to your physical body.
    You can go to the other side of the moon if you wish and are able to do so. This kind of projecting is called Etheric projection and is a little more difficult than astral projection. Any time you want to go somewhere that actually exists in the physical universe, you have to use the etheric, not the astral. The Astral looks nothing like the physical universe.


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