Can your astral projection develop it's own personality?

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I think my astral projecion is coming to life.I mean i don’t even have to
do all the effort to use it.I just have to call it once and it will come.

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Yes. Mine left my body a long time ago and hasn’t come back ever since..


you are just becoming mre prficient at accessing it you might want too try there are tons f ideas n how to accomplish it an what to do once you are in hte astral realm


By reading your statement, it seems that you really don’t know much about astral travel.Your astral body is an extension of you, It cannot take on a “life of it’s own” as it has no life of it’s own and it cannot be summoned like a pet.. Without you, it doesn’t exist. You need to read up on the subject before posting nonsensical questions.


I agree with the first part of what Gianni said. Something you said struck me though. The wording made me think. Be careful about what you interact with and agree to. Evil spirits can be very imaginative in their deceptions. Don’t let something pretend to be your astral projection to get inside your body. Your astral self is you, just like in dreams, and just like you are you, right now, as your physical self.
If I’m wrong, then good. If I guessed right, I’m glad I said something.

Luna Hawa

Thank you for posting that! It is a shame how many people get into magic /magick, astral projection, and the like, yet have no clue what they are doing. At best it’s foolhardy. At worst, it’s deadly.
To the OP, I agree with Gianni. You cannot call your projection to you as if it were a pet. It is an extension of yourself. Some say it’s your soul. Destroy your physical body and the astral body dies along with it. If you can “call”, or summon this thing to you, it might be time to talk to a cleaner or a priest. Good luck.


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