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Can you use a normal bowl for scrying?

I have become interested in scrying and am just wondering if you can use a normal bowl for this or does it have to be a scrying bowl?


  1. Sure you can use a ‘normal’ bowl for scrying.. a black one will work best though.

  2. You can use any bowl that allows for a clear reflection … I mean, don’t use a bowl with Barney or something on the bottom. Usually a black bowl works best, but not because it’s more magical, just because it gives a sense of depth.

  3. Largely depends on the person.
    I’ve seen people scrying using some sented oil on water of a normal bowl, others feel confortable with something special.

  4. I’ve had good results with a normal bowl. Fill it with water and drop some black ink into it. The dark yet reflective surface is good for projecting visions into, and it cleans up easily afterwards (as long as you don’t spill the ink.) I would recommend a largish mixing bowl, big enough to see your whole face in, preferably of dark ceramic, although anything will work.
    They are stable enough to resist tipping.
    Since concentration is big factor in successful scrying, I also recommend playing music softly, especially if you have anything with a “heartbeat” sort of rhythm to it. Some people find certain incense blends also help, but I’ve never found any blend that makes a particular difference for me.
    And don’t give up if you aren’t successful right away. It took me two years of consistent practice to get anything reliable, and scrying is still not my prefferred form of divination.


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