Home Discussion Forum Can you Twitter God instead of praying(telepathy)?

Can you Twitter God instead of praying(telepathy)?


  1. Yes. Use the telephone. But if you are excommunicated from head to toe, what is the point of twittering? Your twit messages will only come off as symptomatic to mental illness.

  2. you can , before praying , u must follow god will to do good and help people.
    then you can talk to him.
    he only want us to follow what he teach and if we follow , he will let you talk to him

  3. don’t be foolish!God is a Spirit,not a subscriber to Twitter.he doesn’t need any contact device,because He created the person who came up with this idea and even knows what people will say before words even come out of their mouths!
    Take everything to God in prayer!(Matthew 6:6)


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