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Can you travel forward and backward in time?

Think about this question CAREFULLY before replying. There IS a correct answer and it ISN’T the most obvious. If no one guesses the right answer… the 10 points will go to the most creative or thought provoking answer.

Can you travel forward and backward in time? Is time travel possible at the present time?

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forward – yes, possible, but not through acceleration, as atoms become infintely massive, but through a wormhole, think Contact

backward – no, cannot violate “grandfather paradox:” – kill your grandfather, that would prevent you from being born in the present


Actually, if you travel NEAR the speed of light you’ll end up in the future… and if you travel MORE than the speed of light(which is DEFINITELY IMPOSSIBLE) you theoretically can go back in time.

Yeah, you can travel in the future…
It’d just be really hard

Theoretically you can travel in the past
but its almost for sure impossible

Specialist Done Wrong

Yep. On an airplane through different time zones.


If we somehow managed to travel through time by use of a machine, we would only be able to go back as far as when the machine first worked. We’ll never be able to go back to the dinosaurs, per say, because there was no point to go back to. If we started the machine tomorrow, we would always be able to go back to tomorrow, because that is where the machine knows time stopped. Sorry if that was confusing 🙂

To answer your question, no. We can only go to where we’ve been… sorry folks 😛


you can certainly travel forward. you’ve been doing it since the day you were born. And you can control how fast you travel forward if you have a near light-speed spaceship. We haven’t found a way to travel backwards or even stand-still.


To travel beyond current time you would need to travel faster than the speed of light. This is not possible because as you begin to travel near the speed of light your mass increases and ends up being infinitely large at speed = c. Way before this you are crushed by your own weight. However I cannot speak for non mass particles.

You need more wormholes in your answers. Maybe a few mc^2 would suffice.


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