Can you think of any Karate or martial arts movies that teach the basic principles…?





of martial arts to the viewer (esp. “Westerners” or “Americans”)? Self-defense (as opposed to aggression), focus, honor, respect for oneself and one’s opponent, chi energy, relaxation, precision, acceptance of pain, balance, beginner’s mind, etc.
Enter the Dragon
The Karate Kid
The Matrix
danny, you are making way too many assumptions here. I said nothing about learning these virtues from these films. Your nasty response is way out of line and perhaps an indicator that you are the one who needs to learn to practice these virtues in life–and online. I wish you peace of mind.
For all the other danny’s out there in Y/A land, peace to you. For the record I have studied karate–in class, in books, and, in sense, in life. I am ready to take up the study again, and I am inspired by how the martial arts are depicted in film–when done well. Please do not make assumptions. No one in his/her right mind would think that a person could learn karate/martial arts solely by watching a movie. Relax, breathe, think, feel, then respond. Thank you.
Dear danny: We are all entitled to our opinions, as long as we can leave out the negative judgments and attacks. I mean you no harm, but it is my right–everyone’s right actually–to respond to injustice. Be well. May you find wisdom and peace–within.


  1. Enter the Dragon yer is brillient and helped me too. Never back down does and is amazing fil and realy inspirational and taught me some new moves and techniques. Books will help more i think such as mastering jujitsu or MMA by BJ Penn or Beyond the Lions Den(Ken ShamrockHope this helps

  2. No. How could you possibly learn any of those things from a movie? All of those virtures are by definition learned in life and in training. Watching movies is not training!
    Well, you used the word “teach.” So suggesting a movie teaches something is to suggest you can learn something from it. As you yourself agreed, learning can only occur through experience in a dojo, life etc. Though I think you are correct in that I assumed the worst.
    I think perhaps you meant a movie that exemplifies those virtues, or inspires. Which I would’ve answered differently. Perhaps you should think about how clearly you ask a question or communicate your meaning.
    I also meant no offense by my answer, you are of course entitled to your opinion if you think it was nasty. I did not personally attack you. I’m sorry if that is what you perceived, but I think your reaction is indicative of your level of maturity. It’s not my fault you take things so personally.

  3. I think that is what they were attempting in both the Karate Kid and IV. His wax on wax off was teaching Daniel basic fundamentals of MA without him even knowing it.
    So yes their have been movies with this as the principle basis of the movie, the star learning to fight from the basics just as in the new movie Never back down.
    Sure I agree in real life these are not learning tools the movies but yes I think they have done what you have said in many movies from Perfect Weapon, Best of the Best etc. Teaching some morals and such.

  4. I liked the ones mentioned in your question and one of the answers. I would also like to suggest “Iron and Silk” as a good movie about martial arts. Noticeably, there isn’t a single fight in this movie.

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