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    No, the Aura is an ever changing energy. It emanates from our chakras & displays our emotions, thoughts & physical self.

    Although we do all have a core energy colour or vibration which can be seen as a colour it cannot be seen via a birth chart.


  • If people had ‘auras’, then we’d be able to analyse and record them.

    The human eye is pretty pathetic at picking up any kind of electromagnetic radiation. Any body who ‘sees’ auras are imagining it or hallucinating.

  • surely ‘auras’ are transient and change as you change? Illnesses, mentality, experiences, don’t they all shape who we are and therefore our ‘auras?’ One can’t possibly be born with one colour aura and expect to remain static and keep that same colour for life

  • i don’t think so
    u should just look at them against a beige or white wall and find out
    use preferable vision and look in between their eyes lol

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