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Can you tell the color of a vampire's aura?

I have met many spiritualists in my time, but none of them had this ability. I have heard that some psychics claim they are able to see the colors of a person’s aura, but can this be done with a vampire aura? I am a vampire, and I want to know.


  1. When a person is near death, their aura can be brighter than when they are not, then about two days before they die, their aura changes to a dark area near the body surrounded by a white aura, so if vampires are real, which they aren’t they’d probably have a two toned aura.

  2. well for satanists an aura is blue and it should be same for everything demons (i think dont know all much about them) and vampires and were animals should all be the same but maybey how ur vamp urs might be red not so sure sorry

  3. Do you look like your avatar…? If you do, then you do look like what people believe vampires look like. Pretty cool…Just don’t suck my blood. Please! Btw, I don’t think vampires have auras.

  4. This answer is scientific. Raptors can see farther into the the violet than humans. Raptors catch vampire bats in the air by seeing their “Aura.” You can take this fact anywhere you want.

  5. I’m vampiric myself. (Not the fictional kind, not the pop culture kind. The lesser known REAL kind who are not supernatural at all but simply have an energy deficiency, quick energetic metabolism and create little or no energy of my own…which leads to pulling in energy from external sources.)
    Everything that is living or dead has an aura and I don’t see how you people have missed that fact. (Probably because you don’t know from PERSONAL experience?)
    You’ll find that the outer layer will be dark, most often metallic black tendrils. The inner layers have two, sometimes three colours, but vampiric auras actually change pattern to show emotion, rather than flashing brilliant colors like most peoples do.
    Also, for those of you who thing psychic or sanguinarian vampires are thieves, there are some of us who take energy and blood from WILLING people only. Those people are called Donors. So don’t be so quick to judge.

  6. i am a vampire myself and well i can see auras of objects and humans but mostly objects and plants anyways im a vampire too and well if i concentrate really hard i can see a bit of my aura for a few seconds though and like CJ love and Sangress said i have two colors too which are green and yellow so yeah i hoped it helped.

  7. From the Vampire Codex written by Michelle Belanger: “We may also be known by our distinct auras: deep purple sometimes shot through with red, surrounded by a nimbus of black or grey mist.”

  8. Mine is a red with a crisp gold running through it. I believe it is different for every vampire or Human Living Vampire ss it is for every human. Good luck!


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