Home Discussion Forum Can you tell me your experience with Feng Shui?

Can you tell me your experience with Feng Shui?

From before you applied feng shui to after you did it, was there a difference in your life?


  1. if you read my answer from your other fengshui related question, you’ll realize that fengshui is not what most people think it is. why? because most writers just offer what people want to hear – a quick fix. fengshui is not a quick fix. but i can change your life in a dramatic way. it improved the way of life in singapore in just less than 20 years.
    in the 70’s, it is a poor, no natural resources country left alone by malaysia. in less than 20 years, it has reinvented itself and became a developed country. it is even richer than malaysia. it is just a small island, smaller than the philippines. but it has an advanced military fleet, even more well equipped than those of the philippines. it is said that singapore used fengshui to improve life in the country.
    in my life… hmmm… i think fengshui changed my life. i dont struggle or juggle the things in my life anymore. i find that i do have more time and money that i am usually bored, so i so this – answering your question. i think that alone, answers your question. if i am busy in this time of crisis, then i should not be answering your question… right? =)


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