Can you tell me what color my aura is?





I heard people with grey auras have depression.
How can you tell me what color my aura is?
I really am intrested.
Could you tell me?


  1. just go take a aura photo in a crystal shop (those selling crystal for chinese “feng shui” use, not those selling crystal accessories). Now have scientific camera that can sense aura from human body and show it on the photo. i took the photo three times.
    the colour surrounding me is similiar at first and second time althought it is a year different.
    but the third time the colour shown on the photo is darker and the radius of my aura surrounding me is smaller. and the consultant asked me a question which shocked me. she asked me whether i had suffered any injury on the top of my head.
    it was so accurate as my handbag was snatched few days ago. the robber beat me with iron rod and caused me injured !
    never say something does not exist because u dunno.
    be open minded and find out first.
    do u believe LOVE exist?
    u cant see it too.
    it is not the air(wind) that u can feel nphysically.
    do u have doubt of your parents’ love? why dont u?
    u can see it. u cant feel it physically. u can measure it with any device too.
    but why u still believe in LOVE?
    u may say i can see it, i can feel it because they shown their concern n care by action.
    what if they no longer in the world. will u say the love dissapear and no longer exist….
    think about it.

  2. idk much about auras (or even if they exist) but i think we would need to see in in real life to know what color it was. And also…to the person who said that we cant see air, but we still know its there… we know the air is there because we can feel when its moving (wind) and we can also measure air pressure. We cant really see auras or measure the auras…well at least most of us cant.

  3. Well, post a picture. I am pretty good at telling what colors are on a photograph (as long as it is not a black & white pic, that is)

  4. seeing auras is a well known optical illusion. Despite what charlatan forune tellers will say, the color of your aura has nothing to do with emotion, wellbeing, your soul, your health, or anything like that.
    Like I said, its an optical illusion called retinal fatique. Basically you tire out color detecting rods in the retina and they stop seeing a certain color. If you stare at something this happens and if you continue staring it will appear to have field around it. If that object happens to be a person, you might think you are seeing an aura.

  5. wow i can’t believe some of these people, being skeptical is one thing but come one be a little open minded ..just because you can’t see air..does that mean it too, can’t exist ? Anyway i think you may be able to train yourself to see auras ..they say to see your own aura you just stand against a white background infront of a mirror and stare softly at the outline of your body( like youre staring past your body…at the wall) and you should see a white band first then some color
    good luck

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