Can you tell me the difference between wicca and magic and magicK and witchcraft?

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is it real? is wiccan a religion or lifestyle?
I’d like to hear from people who actually know what they are talking about
I have tried researching it, but I just don’t get it. lol


  1. Wicca is a religion. Witchraft is a practice independent of religion, though some people treat it as their religion.
    As for Magick, it’s a Thelemic idea, for the manifestation of one’s true will. It has nothing to do with Wicca or witchcraft, really, though some Wiccans and Witches have borrowed Crowley’s spelling. Magic is another, cruder term for witchcraft and is also a synonym for stage magic.

  2. Wicca is a religion and yes, it is real. Alot of people who practice Wicca will refer to it as “walking the Wiccan Path”, which simply means that you honor and protect Mother Earth and Father Sky (basically the environment). When walking this path, you believe that every living creature, regardless of how big or small, that ALL life is sacred. Wiccans DO NOT believe in Satan (as this is a Christian myth). Wiccans believe in all duality in life (male & female). Both are equal to each other and one needs the other – example: you need both male and female of every species in order to pro-create. This is why Wiccans/Witches/Pagans believe in the God & Goddess, and the Lord & Lady – which are one in the same – God/Goddess or Lord/Lady, whichever you decide you like best in order to worship.
    Just as there are Christians who do not practice all aspects of their religion, but still do consider themselves Christian (the same with any religion: Judiasm, Muslim, etc.), Wicca is the same. There are some Wiccans who DO NOT practice Magick. You do not need to practice Magick to be a Wiccan.
    The word “Witch” actually means “wise one” and “craft” is something that you practice (do for a living – example: a Doctor’s craft is practicing medicine) – so ergo Witchcraft basically means “wise one who practices their craft”. The word Witch and/or Witchcraft is nothing to fear. Hollywood has perpetuated the Witch & Witchcraft as something evil, which (pardon the pun) it is not.
    Magick (spelled with a “k” at the end) is the spelling that Alester Crowley “coined” in order to distinguish it from Magic (spelled without the “k”) which is practiced by Stage Magicians (example: David Copperfield, David Blaine, Cris Angel).
    Have a lovely rest of the evening. Bright Blessings.

  3. Wiccans practice there religion as a druid would practice shamanism, for some wiccans it is one in the same. Wicca does not absolutely need to have magic, but they do use magic so that they can improve the bounds with there gods. And yes it is very real

  4. Wicca is a modern polytheistic religion. People who call it a lifestyle do not understand it and are probably embracing some tangental aspects of it while rejecting core beliefs and practices. Non-religious Wicca would be like non-religious Christianity.
    Witchcraft is a magical practice generally resembling folk practices and stressing emotion and connectedness over strict ritual (as opposed to ceremonial magic, which is the other major Western magical practice)
    Magick is the art of causing change in accordance with ones True Will, or divine purpose. The term was coined by Crowley. Magic and Magick are *not* synonymous. If doing a mundane action causes change in accordance to your True Will, that is magick, but not magic.
    Magic is a really nebulous term. A lot of times its used synonymously with “spellcraft”, i.e. magical practice for practical goals: making more money, winning back your boyfriend, gaining strength against obstacles, whatever. Sometimes its used more generally to refer to the mystical stuff that is manipulated and tapped into during religious ritual, such as circle casting. of course, the term is also used for stage illusion.

  5. i am in the process of studying it and here’s what i’ve come to.
    this is something that you shouldn’t take at face-value.
    you have to contemplate this VERY carefully.
    there is no magic.

  6. Wicca is a religion that generally is part of a lifestyle. Wiccans can, but are not required to, practice magic. Witchcraft is a skill set that includes many things – most common are healing and various forms of divination.

  7. Wicca is a Religion with a belief in a God and Goddess (or multiple Gods and Goddesses)
    Witchcraft is a craft or set of skills that a Witch uses to affect change in their lives. Wiccans utilize witchcraft but do not use it as the sole focus of their belief
    Magic with a K is used to differentiate between stage magic (illusions and sleight of hand tricks) used by stage magicians, and the magic that witches use.
    Some people like to spell magic in many ways, some for personal esthetic reasons, some because they think it looks cool, and some for the reason stated above.
    All of the above are real. There are people out there who utilize Magic (not the stage kind). Wicca and witchcraft are separate things. A witch is not necessarily a wiccan.

  8. Wicca is a religion, witchcraft is a craft.Witches run through lineage(Generations) Warlock is not a term meaning male witch as many seem to think. Warlock is a anglo saxon term for an oathbreaker(one whom has betrayed their coven) Paganism is often referred to as a lifestyle. Goths/Gothic is a look, in which restrictive clothing is worn EG; corsets lace up boots,long coats, clothing should be 19th century based.

  9. Wicca is witchcraft and both are the same. The odds of someone committing suicide are higher if they are in wicca than any other religion. This is because satan infiltrates their lives. See this web site below they have actual photos of wiccans and testimonies how evil things happen to them even death to their loved ones, when they got involved with the evil satanic religion called wicca which is Witchcraft.

  10. Wicca: A religion AND a lifestyle. Wiccans tend to incorporate their beliefs and practices into their daily lives and see the God and Goddess in everything.
    Magic(k): the art of moving natural energies to do something. In short, done through willing the energies to do what you’d like them to. The reason it sometimes has a K is because some like the try to differentiate the slight-of-hand, bunny-in-the-hat magic and witchcraft-type magick. Not all people agree on which version is “better”, though, and it’s mostly up to the practitioner.
    Witchcraft: a form of magick. Personally, I’m terrible at explaining witchcraft, so I’ll let someone else help you there. 😉
    If you have any more questions, feel free to message me and I’ll try to help you out!


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