Home Discussion Forum Can you tell me the difference between Buddhism and Taoism ?

Can you tell me the difference between Buddhism and Taoism ?

I’ve always liked Buddhism, and try to read about it when I can.. But i’ve never read about Taoism.
Could you tell me the main differences ?


  1. i don’t know much about buddhism but i am a taoist. taoists belive in letting thigns be and jjust accepting things the way they are. they live simple lives and respect nature. read the tao of pooh.

  2. One needs to not so much see the differences but the sameness, for this sameness is called the golden thread. There is truth in all things, once this is known, all things are truth. Thanks. ~ : )

  3. Taoism, by Lao Tzu, is a different philosophy, that all is unknowable,unfathomable, and unobservable, except the way it manifests in life… no right, no wrong, etc. a healthy balance with nature to attain “happiness” as he defined it, etc.
    Buddhism is basically about subduing the ego… altruism… as a logical prescription for what we perceive as suffering in this life. (note: I said “subdue” not “get rid of”)
    http://www.buddhanet.net if you’re not already aware of the site.

  4. Hi,
    For some information both about Buddhism and about Taoism please explore the links below.
    Buddhism originated in India and Taoism in China. Buddhism spread to many countries and has many adherents in many countries in Asia. Taoism has only about 30,000 adherents and is practiced mainly in Taiwan.
    Buddhism emphasizes meditation which Taoism does not do to that extent although there are some Taoist meditation practices.
    Taoist and Buddhist practices merged in China and gave birth to the Zen tradition.
    Taosit philosophy is not very strenuous and emphasizes a life in tune with nature – your own nature and that of the outside world. Buddhist tradition prescribes some very severe practices in almost all traditions from Zen to Theravada Buddhism.
    I hope this will give you some pointers. I have read books about both Taoism and Buddhism but never compared them to find out what their differences are. The answer above is what I can think of on the spur of the moment.
    Both however are methods to attain to the mystical experience of oneness with the Universe.
    Nikhil Gangoli


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