Home Discussion Forum Can you tell me everything you know about auras?

Can you tell me everything you know about auras?

Pretty please?
Thanks ™¥


  1. Auras is the energy surrounding your body and each aura has a color and the colors have a certain meaning.
    you can check what color your aura is by putting your hand on a blank white paper and see what color you see, its always best to not force your eyes, just relax them and do it where there is a good amount of white light.
    sorry i cant tell you everything i know cuz its to much but there are many good books on the subject out there and Im sure you can find one at your local book store for a good price.

  2. An aura is something that is believed by few to be energy that flows outside your body.
    Very powerful, pure and rare aura colors are silver and gold.
    Everybody has their own aura color, which is determined by your personality.
    My aura is lavender.


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