Home Discussion Forum Can you tell me about the death tarot card?

Can you tell me about the death tarot card?

when it shows up too much in relationship reading does it mean the relationship is over? for instance if i get it for the question: how does your partner see/feel you and i get the death card followed by wheel of fortune, does it mean the relationship is over? and also for nature and environment of it i get the death card does it mean the relationship is no more there?


  1. I would have to say the relationship is either over, and you have to admit it to yourself, or there will be such a sudden or drastic change that you will have to figure out a way to adapt. Followed by the Wheel of Fortune says that it has to do with fate and that there will be another or adjoining change in your life, good or bad depending whether it was reversed or not.

  2. Generally, yes, the relationship is over if the card keeps coming up. Although, if you’re still in the relationship and there’s been a lot of changes, it could just be signifying the changes. That could also be why the Wheel of Fortune keeps popping up, too. Silly as this may sound, though, if things aren’t changing and you’re still in the relationship, if it’s sexual in nature, go get tested…someone may be cheating, so it’d be a good idea.

  3. Hello
    It would depend on the question asked as well as the position it was placed in as well as the other cards.
    Death is a card of transition, The Wheel one of change, so depending on the above they may be quite positive.
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  4. The death card is about change, possibly doing away with the old, and expecting change, getting rid of old habits and or people that are not good for you in your life in the present situation. The wheel of fortune is a reminder that things are constantly changing, sometimes things go in your favor, sometimes not. I think you need to analyze your current relationship to see if things could be changed for the better and possibly move on if the negative things cannot be changed, as it would not be good for the both of you to stay in the relationship.

  5. LOL, here’s one card that doesn’t mean an actual physical ‘death’ at all. Death in tarot means the stopping of one thing so a new journey can start. It’s the end of something you know about and a shifting into a new thing.
    In a relationship meaning it could be that you’re taking something beyond simple friendship and into a sexual context. OR it could mean the relationship between you is over and done, time for both of you to move on in different paths.
    The Wheel of Fortune means life is moving on, the wheel turns and advances, it doesn’t go backwards. Having it follow the Death card would indicate to me that what is happening is HAPPENING now and you’re in the middle of some major shifting. Live goes on.
    You yourself would know if this was over, by the talk and actions of the person you had been with. It should be obvious, considering both these cards are major arcana, meaning they’re major movement cards that show a significant thing happening.
    If it’s over with, these cards are saying so pretty strongly. If you’re talking about a relationship that was only ‘friendship’ before, then it would be clear to you now if it’s going forward into something deeper that won’t ever go back to simple friendship anymore, even after it’s over and done with. Your connections have done a major shift in both of you.


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