Home Discussion Forum Can you suggest some books on human consciousness and origins ?

Can you suggest some books on human consciousness and origins ?

The books should touch on any or all of these points :
– How we arrived on planet earth.
– Nature of consciousness.
– Where are we actually.
– Quantum reality.
– Extra-terrestrial beings.
– Rulers of our universe.
– Future of humanity and current earth changes.
It will be helpful if you can name a single book that covers all these points, otherwise it would be no problem to me if you name different books.
Thanks in advance.


  1. There is no ‘human consciousness” vs ‘bacterial’ consciousness vs ‘vegetal’ consciousness. There is ONE Consciousness (“Consciousness is the ground of all being!” – Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics)
    The same Consciousness is peeking from all ‘eyes’!
    There are many Perspectives (us) and all are unique (definitionally), but only ‘one’ Consciousness!
    Consciousness is ineffable; it has no qualities, no boundaries, no properties, timeless, no origin…
    No ‘book’ can support otherwise.
    The mystics would call Consciousness ‘god’. There ‘is’ nothing else! The Universe is Mind/Consciousness!

  2. Human consciousness is called kundalini consciousness to distinguish between it and universal consciousness. There are seven levels of Kundalini consciousness available to the human being. Collective or universal consciousness has many more dimensions. Both are basically the same as a drop of water is to the ocean and have the same source. Background radiations or Akasha of the universe absorbed in the body is transformed through the chakra system creating the lumen consciousness experienced.
    Too much explanation is needed to put forth here on this forum. Buy the book I had recommended by Christopher Hills. His book Nuclear Evolution is 1010 pages will cover all your questions; a true Master of consciousness and yogi.

  3. No one book contains all those subjects…probably. I’d suggest Dennett, Damasio, and Churchland for consciousness/philosophy of mind. Sounds like Lovelock would be up your alley. His last books on how we’re all going to die so give up, “Revenge of Gaia” or “A Final Warning.” For a non-crackpot book on quantum physics stay away from new age gurus and pick something like “Quantum Physics for Everyone” by Ford.
    Why don’t you just scan the poplar science section and pick the titles/summaries that look interesting.


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