Can you start learning yoga when you are out of shape?

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I need to strengthen everything, but as I have started to work out I get tighter & tighter. What little I have read about yoga is that it helps flexibility and core fitness. I am now in the obese column, should I wait until I am a little less fat?

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hi five vanilla face

u might want to work on ur balance fat people have a tendacy to wobble alot and that might get in the way

Joanna J

theres yoga for many people and types of people you sohuld be able to find some for your body type and streghths. Good luck!

Kerry T

Yes, a consistent yoga practice can help you increase flexibility and strengthen your core. No, you do not need to lose fat before starting a yoga practice. I would suggest that you begin by attending classes (as opposed to doing yoga with a DVD), because a teacher can help you modify any poses that you find difficult, until you become more flexible. If attending classes sounds a little intimidating, look for a teacher that will schedule a private session with you, and help you come up with a routine that you can do on your own at home.
My yoga teachers have said it’s important to ‘start where you are’ and move forward from there!
Good luck!


You can do yoga, ut you may need to alter some poses. It will certainly help you build muscle, lose weight have more energy.


No, you don’t need to wait… because, simply if you don’t start now yoga, you’ll never get in your shape and boost your energy level. So, no matter how your actual shape is, I advice you to start. Learn yoga poses, how to do them, their physiological benefits and the deep breathing techniques as well… You can get this free yoga e-course for your benefits:


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