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Can you speculate on the outcome of a fight between a real tai chi master and a muay thai champion?


  1. You can’t speculate any fight, whoever is the better fighter will win. I don’t know their style, techniques, game plan. In MMA you can judge the fighters and predict how the fight will happen, but there is still a variable in the fight that you can not predict.

  2. Master vs. Champion. Interesting. I’d say that it depends on the rules of course.
    The Champion is going to be trained to follow certain rules and to fight within them.
    The Master will understand that in a fight rules are meaningless.
    Something as simple as a kick to the groin or a poke in the eye will win a “fight” but will disqualify a competitor in a “match”.

  3. You might as well be asking for a fight between hard and soft martial arts, as they both have completely different goals. Actually I would not even consider anyone who is adept at Tai Chi to fight someone else at all, due to the more personal, self-mastering content of the soft Tai Chi. Muay Thai however, is a rather violent art, and arguably more so than Karate or TKD, and would often be taught to damage others, rather than focusing on the energies of your soul the entire time.
    However, just because Tai Chi is soft and Muay Thai is hard, doesnt mean that the master of tai chi would lose. He may be more mentally prepared, more skillful at defending himself, but as mentioned above, Muay Thai can be very violent, and the tai chi master may find himself at a loss if he cannot end the fight quickly [preferably by a coups de grace, or by other defensive measures].
    Anyways, this would be an interesting fight, but in my own opinion, the Muay thai champion is probably young and full of energy while the Tai chi master may be an old man/woman. I’ll just let you imagine the rest lol. Anyways I hope this made any sense!
    Anyways, I guess the idiot thought I was confusing the word “soft” as inferior. I KNOW the potential offensive capabilities of these types of arts, but in a more realistic view, a MASTER OF TAI CHI TAKES VERY LONG, HARD, DEDICATED DAYS, THEREFORE RESULTING IN A MORE MATURE PERSON…I hope your nerd rant served it’s purpose already.

  4. your statement implies that the tai chi guy REALLY knows how to use tai chi- which meant he trained it realistically (against resisting opponents) and is combat effective in his training methodology and application.
    your implication that the muai thai fighter is a champion implies he can fight and fight well.
    i guess it comes down to the skills, natural advantages and attributes and such of the individual fighters then.
    unless these two were exact clones of each other with exactly the same physical attributes (which is impossible) in which case it would come down to random chance and what happened and hwo was better prepared on that day.
    anyone who is teaching/learning that tai chi is ONLY a soft art, doesn’t know the first thing about tai chi and application.
    if you are just an old folk in the park then it doesn’t matter because you are just doing it for excercise, but if you want tolearn to use it to fight- you better be training tai chi with a methodology that looks more like muai thai or boxing than the geezer in the park method.
    the first 5 min shows a move in co-op demonstration, then the same techniques use in combat.
    doesn’t look like “pushover soft” to me. i’m no expert in tai chi, i have had some exposure with someone hwo can actually use it to fight- and mostly what i have is in the context of throws.
    however, notions that “tai chi” isn’t used to fight if trained realistically and against a resisting opponent is unfounded- however if your idea of a resisting opponent is geezer tai chi on the lawn, then you better re-evaluate your training.

  5. Yes. The Muay Thai champion would win. First of all, he would be younger and in better shape. it taks a long time to become a Tai Chi master.
    Some people are saying an eye poke or a groin kick can win a fight. They can’t. Not against a tough a opponent. Also, a smart opponent will be ready for those attacks and block them. Additionally, these techniques would be at the Muay Thai champion’s disposal as well as the Tai Chi master’s.
    Finally, consider this. The Muay Thai champion has spent his entire time in training learning how to strike and block, and he always spars so he has real combat experience. The Tai Chi master, not so much.


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