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Can you share with me some of your spiritual and occult experience ?

I am a person who can be called a seeker in spiritual and occult field. But I do not have any friend with whom I can talk an share my experienes. And I want to know whether there are many people who have some or othr occlut experienes,.


  1. Not many answers huh?
    That doesn’t mean people don’t have similar experiences.
    It just means that they have the same problems you do.
    Talking about anything outside of the ordinary can leave people feeling concerned about being ostrasized by their community.
    You should know that if you truly wish to engage in the path you are looking at, you’ll end up having to let go of all those support systems anyway. You’ll have to stand on your own two feet and say I am alone, I am my own self…
    …and even then you will not know what it is you seek.
    It’s only when you give up seeking that you will know. And that is not something that you can do. It is just something that will happen one day.
    Even if you cannot share those experiences with anyone, though trust me, when the student is ready the teacher WILL appear, know that the path you are choosing is chosen by very few people, and that demonstrates such courage. Most people are scared to know the unknown, but once seen, the unknown is the known and the known – utter nonsense, apparently.
    So make sure you laugh about it more than anything else.
    Indeed, if it’s not funny, it’s probably not what you are after anyway.

  2. My beginning was with support groups on the web. A suggestion would be to locate a Yahoo! Group in the Spiritual Listings. Select your interest and research what is comfortable for you. I was a seeker and now have direction having discussions with people of similar interests. They offer their experiences, suggestions and workshops to get you in the right direction in your life. Good luck in finding your path!

  3. I once saw a one legged witch turn a storm.
    My first ritual, we were all comfortable throughout the ritual, but the instant the ritual ended, we realized that the room was cold. The heat hadn’t been on and the whole time and it was spring equinox.
    I do spiritual healing with singing bowls. I play the bowl in someone’s hand, and feel the vibrations as they extend through the person, and can tell them where the vibrations are and what they’re doing.
    I used to work with a Reiki master who could put healing energy into people and tell people many details about their lives while we were doing our energy work. Very specific things
    I have this one singing bowl which plays differently, responding to the place where it’s played, or what chakra it’s played on. I use it to locate blockages for spiritual healing. I also used it to find the perfect place to set up my tent the first time I camped in Kansas. One night the wind ripped through the camp. By morning, just about every tent had blown over except mine.
    For a while, a friend and I maintained a karmic connection through an object which was divided and each of us kept half, and sometimes I would smell something, and call her up, and it was exactly what she was smelling.
    “Did you just make cookies?”
    “Was the dog just breathing in your face?”
    “Did you just disinfect something?”


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