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Can you serve others and yourself??

Ok, since beginning my spiritual journey, I have a hard time focusing on superficial things like money, clothes etc., things that can only satisfy my ego, not me. My partner is very stable financially and for some reason feels that my carefree attitude towards money may become a problem. I dont worry about money because I feel that all my needs will be provided, its not that I dont care about my financial stability. But my partner and my sis seem to think that because I dont have a hunger for money or because I dont chase it, that I somehow will neglect my personal responsibilities.
I think that I’m having a problem meeting my worldy needs without somehow feeling guilty about it. For some reason I feel to make money a focus is knocking me off of my spiritual path. I think I dont know how to serve other ppl without disregarding myself and my needs. And as of late I’ve been really worried about what others think of me…and I find that I was much better off when I didnt care what other ppl thought…but again, I dont thnk I’ve found that balance.
Any help??


  1. Why do you even care about how they think in regards to the money you earned from honest work (I would assume it to be)?

  2. You don’t have a hunger for money because its always been provided for you.
    They are the wild dogs hunting and seeking their survival. You are a poodle sitting in luxury (thanks to them)
    Be a productive member of society. Earning money doing something useful and helpful should be enough to satiate both your needs.

  3. i think your thinking wrong. devils mis guilding you. its your parner and sister that needs to stop thinking about money. if not so already you should share the gospel to them as well, or tell them to stop thinking about money and tell them what you said how you feel god will provide. and even if god evchally sents hardship like job(bible) then keep that veiw and correct them instead. guild them

  4. well I have the same problem…the thing is, spiritual journeys don’t need money to support them…money is definitely a worldly possession that stays behind when you pass on…
    recognizing that money isn’t important to being happy is a step in the right direction, but the problem surfaces because the world we live in is based solely on money changing hands…it’s sad really
    people that hunger for money and chase it relentlessly have their priorities mixed up, IMO. hang on to your lack of superficiality, it’s a noble virtue to have…the world needs more “helpers” to combat the egocentric society we live in

  5. A word of caution- I in no way consider myself an expert of religion–I’m still in the midst of my spiritual journey as well. 🙂
    However, in my opinion as long as you are putting gods needs and rules above your own wishes you should not feel guilty for enjoying other things the world has to offer–again, as long as they don’t conflict with his commands.
    It is right of you to fear becoming over concerned with money. This can and does lead several people away from God. I’ve heard it said that the people who are closest with God have the least of worldly possessions. I think this is because those people are more dependent upon him, they have less distraction, and are free from getting caught up in worshiping wealth, success, etc. However, this being said several people are able to put God first and still have a roof over their head, clothes to wear, etc. Just don’t let it become more important that your relationship with God.
    As for your concern with what people think of you:
    It is hard not to get wrapped up in what others think of us. I am very guilty of that as well. A lot of times when this happens it is because we are trying to be a perfect image of what others want us to be. First, keep in mind no one can be perfect so trying to do this will always upset you at some point. Second, the only approval that “matters” is that of God. A book that is so great at conveying this message as well as others is The Search for Significance by Robert McGee
    I REALLY think the book will help you with some of your struggles.
    In your relationship with God it is important to keep in mind the idea from above-that no one can be perfect always. Learn what he wants you to do and try to follow it as best as you can; however, when you fall short (as we all do) remember to ask for forgiveness and for the strength and ability to live how he wants you too.

  6. Don’t view money as hindering your spiritual path. Money is only the end result of an action and is only a symbol of something we have come to value. Our race consciousness, or what we have learned from our past, is to put too much value on money. We surround ourselves with all kinds of tributes to how much we are worth with “Things.” Our true worth however, is how we use our abundance in a manner that does not bolster our ego, but benefits our innate nature of giving and compassion. As a spiritual seeker you have learned the value of letting go, that which has dominated our thinking about money and realized just what money represents: a “symbol” of wealth, power and success. This is, in some minds, the goal of existence. The seeker however, has found a larger truth in that we can use money for our personal needs and for the greater good at the same time. And that is the greater truth and the balance which you seek. Meditation is a great tool with which to come into contact with your inner counselor to assist in sorting out these questions.


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