Can you see people's auras?





I’ve always been able to feel and feed of off people’s energy, but lately I’ve been able to see the different coloured auras around people.
Can you see auras or feel energy?
What do you think about it?
What do you do with the ability?
I tend to stay away from certain people now.


  1. yes i can see aura around people, animals, plants and machinery, that is to say i can see emissions of energy around pretty much anything.
    i read auras, these emissions of light are packages of information that leave the person or?? at a speed of 186,000 miles per second, for anyone who is not sure this is and has for many years been a scientifically measurable fact.
    the aura of a person gives information about personality traits, weaknesses in the body and the current interaction with external influences. if i ask a question the aura will tell me more than a verbal answer.
    the aura gives insight into a deeper perspective of another so one needs to be less judgemental to appreciate that everyone has faults or weaknesses that may not be attractive to you, as we all do.
    there will always be people who you do not need to have around you, whether you read their energy or not, beware of determining discomfort on your part as something negative in another.

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