Home Discussion Forum can you see peoples auras on Yahoo Answers?

can you see peoples auras on Yahoo Answers?

I sure can! rx queen has a black aura and Jesi does too! if you see anymore black auras please tell me about it!


  1. Auras do not exist. They cannot be seen in person and even if they could they wouldn’t be able to be seen through the computer.

  2. Interesting, I’d like to know more about this. (really)
    What “colors” are there, and what is their significance?
    And, can you see my aura? What is it?
    I’ve heard of auras before, is it the emanating glow of a person’s heart/mind/body? Like, if they are a “dark” person, negative thinker, constantly putting others down, is this a “black” aura?
    I sense things about people. I can’t see colors, but I can definitely tell how a person feels and thinks just from being around me. It’s like an energy almost.

  3. I find it interesting that you list the negative that you see instead of the positive. Was this question really just an attempt to put some one down? Why not use your energy to lift some one up?Spread love and light up the world.
    Love & Light
    One Planet = One People

  4. Its always been a fact that we all have an Aura its our energy there has been people with special cameras that pick it up but all my life Ive know that children up until around the age of six always see everyones Auras, Some adults say well I don’t remember seeing Auras but thats because you did see it all the time you didn’t question it to talk about it it was just a common thing to you. But ask any child if they see a color around someone the answer is always YES!


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