Home Discussion Forum Can you see people's auras, like the halo around Jesus' head?

Can you see people's auras, like the halo around Jesus' head?


  1. I have indeed seen things like that before, including rainbow coloured trails whenever someone moved.
    Of course, I was on acid at the time, which might have had something to do with it.

  2. This definition of aura “an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being”, yes I have…..
    Your definition….NO.

  3. Halos were artists interpretations of the divinity of those depicted, I doubt anyone has a big glowing light from their head, maybe if Jesus really had one then people would have believed him better.

  4. my aura’s purple right now…the baby’s is blue…and my daughter’s is a light peach colour.
    yes I can see them…but I think the halo around Jesus’ head was his hair lighting on fire.

  5. I have not learned to see them but, I can “feel” people’s spirits.
    I can feel their person, right here on the internet. I feel I know some of them better, than if I was standing right in front of them.
    I have learned ‘spiritual’ perception to be sharper than visual. 😀

  6. no,,,u think someone is a angel and then u find out we are the same so if 1 has 1 then we all do..if u r seeing a halo u have that person on a pedastool which is very dangerous


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