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Can you see people's auras in pictures or only in person? How do you learn to see this?


    • @ cmnsns: Maybe you can’t because you can’t except anything beyond your physical grasp, but there are ways to see them, and certain infrared imaging can pick up images of auras. Auras even link into phisics, all they are is a radiating energy. To say aruas don’t exist is saying energy doesn’t exist.

  1. You can’t really learn to do it, necessarily. You’re either able to, or you aren’t. It’s like remote viewing, teleknesis, telepathy, etc, etc.

  2. Mind is a phenomenon connoting the presence-activity of living ministry in addition to varied energy systems; and this is true on all levels of intelligence. In personality, mind ever intervenes between spirit and matter; therefore is the universe illuminated by three kinds of light: material light, intellectual insight, and spirit luminosity.
    Which one do you think you are seeing?

  3. Ok, I’m on really shaky ground scripturally here. I do think people have auras, and you can see auras if you look at people in low light and kind of squint your eyes.
    I don’t do this anymore because I think it’s one of those things that is permissible but not really of any good to us. The idea of getting some “reading” on a person by seeing different colors seems to me to be asking for deceit.
    Or maybe it’s blood sugar and epilepsy.

  4. Okay, Auras are real everyone! There is a type of camera that can pick them up. It is a bioelectric flux around your body. The only spiritual people who touch on this with any intelligence are the Satanists, ironically. Read up on Kirilian photography. Each aura is unique and can be seen by certain individuals.
    Check this out… it’ll require an open mind.

  5. about a year back… we were taking sense and sensitivity class through our college from our teacher… he had shown us a strange vibgyor rays encircled around him… i am not sure whether it was aura or the energy circle which encircles every human being(or if both are same) but i have seen it in personal along with 30 other class mates….

  6. Kirlian photography is believed by some to capture “aura” images. Others think that the energy captured in those types of photos is not from an “aura” that we give off. There are supposed psychics who can see peoples auras also. You cannot just LEARN to see them.

    • Not true. Anyone can learn. I taught myself in two minutes. Do you remember those hidden 3D images for kids made in the 90s? Get good at seeing the images and you will see auras almost anywhere but not all the time.

  7. Learning to see auras isn’t hard at all, in fact you probably see them all the time and don’t notice. Rather than focusing in on something to see the aura, relax your eyes completely instead. After 30 seconds to a minute, a translucent outline will form around the subject. Without moving your eyes, shift your focus to the outer edges of the outline. This is where the colors begin to form around objects.
    This site explains a lot.

  8. Some of the comments on here make me sad. Auras are real. Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Try to open your mind a little and stop being so biased and critical to someones belief system. Get out of this materialistic lifestyle some of you people are living in and find your true self. Also, enough with the sarcastic comments. No one cares.


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