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Can you see other peoples Auras? If so how? What do they look like?

Can people see other things other then colours – whats that called. Someone said that the way I described something to them sounds like I see emotional pain bodies of people – what does that mean exactly?
Thanks 🙂


  1. I knew a lady that would get bad migraines (ones that lasted all day sometimes).
    So bad, it would make ppl & objects have “Auras”.

  2. yes
    well i’m in such a dark cave,all light is more revealing to me
    very pretty lighting bolts with lots of yellow,orange.and red…with lots of purple too.
    it means they are high as hell on acid

  3. Years ago someone gave a class on that at a Jr. College. I tried it. It is hard to do. But when I was in church I did see, much to my surprise, what looked like a round flat ball of light over one woman’s head. And when the priest was giving the sermon I saw a stream of light coming off of him. Other than that one time, I can’t see them. But I know someone who can. I am told that you can tell what is wrong with a person physically by seeing the auras. There are books about this. I have one, I haven’t read in years, called “Hands of Light”, it might be in there.
    By the way, someone here mentioned aura as in migraine. That is different. I get those and it is hell. Has nothing to do with the kind you are talking about. Migraine aura is caused by an electrical storm in your brain. You see flashing lights and jagged lines. It is a totally different thing.

  4. I tried to look for my own aura in the mirror.
    Guess what I saw.
    I saw two curved horns on my head !
    After that – I don’t try to look for my aura !
    If I can’t find my own aura, how can I find the aura of others ?

  5. Well emotional pain bodies is an interesting way to say it, but it is as difficult to explain as seeing sound and hearing color to someone who never took LSD. But the gist of it is that yes, you must be an empath. Be careful that you don’t martyr yourself to that cause. I lost a lot of years trying to, and i left myself weakened by the unworthy souls that exist only to drain us. they will seek you out and trick you into believing that their pain is all that keeps thenm from being good; just pay attention to their deeds and the stories they tell, question them and run if you feel doubt.

  6. I can’t, but there are people who can see something beyond the physical. We humans have an amazing amount of empathic ability and can influence other people’s feelings if ours are particularly strong. A happy person can “brighten a room” and a sad person can depress those around them.
    The aura thing has been around a long time and there are groups that concentrate on developing their ability to see or detect them in others. I have met people that have shown confusion over mine — that it tends to be neutral or hard to detect… hidden, almost.
    I have Celtic ancestry and the old religions tended to be neutral, seeing neither good or bad in nature. Mine may stem from that, since I feel an affinity for such things and appreciate the variety of nature no matter where I live.

  7. I don’t see them, but I feel the energy that comes off of people.
    the way I understand it, everyone has the senses to detect the energy that comes from living things, but there is no aria of the brain designed to proces the info, so for some people it gets attatched to the vishual, some to touch, some unlucky people get it to sound, and some even to smell. while the other 95% of people have the snese wither and atrofee from lack of use

  8. ..As superficial as it may sound I believe all living ( and some non-living ) entities eminate a kind of energy….some can “sense ” when someone is watching them, others can tell when the phone is going to ring and it’s a family member they were thinking about, many people say they are a “good judge of character.” ..We are foolish if we’re to think that there does not exist in some form a supernatural/invisable / universe that is part of OUR time and space. I won’t even go into the parallel universe that encompasses the souls of the departed….And I’m not supporting any religion’s configuration or belief… I have personally and know of many who have had spiritual guides /visitations/ or in some way touched by a spiritual entity. It’s either a bunch of crap or it’s something we take on faith as well as experience…….too much evidence seems to support the latter…….
    After 30 years of teaching, a life in the military, and a traumatic childhood ,I believe that when I look at an individual especially for the first time , an energy radiates in a very subtle but colorful “glow.”
    The colors speak for themselves…the lighter and brighter the colors the higher the positive energy, The darker and muted colors , then the lower the energy..It seems to be validated after observing, interacting and learning about a person..Children are the easiest, especially when I’m with them day after day..How often have you listened to someone or watched their body language and found their mood to revail how they are feeling…?
    If I tell a friend or my girlfriend what i see they often agree or can almost see it themselves. And although I may be off or “read” someone wrong .it’s rare ..
    Reading someones’ pain is not difficult.. Their physical presentation and angst is usuually manifested in their attitude..their actions , their tone ,and their eyes…..it’s just a matter of truly “seeing” what is their behavior..
    Learn to observe a person, listen to them, watch their body language, sometimes even their appearance will produce an energy ….it may even produce a color tone …

  9. I wish! I am more empathetic than visually in-tune with people’s personal energy. I don’t know what “emotional pain bodies in people” means, but I would guess that it means you have an intuitive way of picking up on a person’s pain. There are some aura readers who can see and remove dark spots from them to facilitate healing – some very effectively. Perhaps that’s you?


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