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can you see auras with contact lenses?

First off: Can YOU see Auras?
Secondly: Can I see Auras if I have contact lenses in? Or do the contacts make a differance?
Trying to learn to see Auras via this website, but Idk how reliable it is because it looks like just another conspiracy nut website….But Auras themselves are very real^.^”
So help?
Oh, and just to be clear, I don’t mean any “third eye” thing….I mean auras that are colors around people that as people grow older (as in not a baby anymore, not old people older) they loose sight of.
It is not a supernatural thing, and there’s no need to be rude about it. It’s vibrations that things give off and as for the auras that people give off, differant colors suggest differant moods. I wanna try and see those colors, but I don’t know whether or not having contact lenses affects that ability.


  1. There are wide band cameras that see into the IR, UV and low frequency spectrum that seem to show these energy bands. We can see objects easily pass over using night vision in space from the IR they give off for example.
    I cannot see auras, and i do not think most people can. But we tested people who do seem to be able and have noted one person is very good at picking up the orbital objects that all the rest of us can only see with night vision. He points – we see nothing – then using night vision over and over again he hit on real and often extremely dim objects. We also tested another person using a sheild and tried to trick him by saying there were more people then actually were being tested. He could not visible see the people but via smoky glass in a non illuminated area. He read each persons aura and when we cycled some of the same subjects back in using double blind random chance – to our amazement he was able to read the same colors in their aura and say this seems to be the person just recently read. Testing took about 2 hours and we worked to mislead this person and were not able to do so. We were very suprised with the result and his repeatability.

  2. Even a blind man can see auras and spirits as long as his third eye opens.
    It’s been proven….and I can see them too when I am a sleep, when my inner eye opens, and it’s true because I wake up sometimes to see the spirit leaving.

  3. If the lenses are dirty they will help you see auras.
    “Even a blind man can see auras and spirits as long as his third eye opens.”
    HAHA! Not my sense of humor but you made me laugh anyway….
    It’s been proven? When, where, how and by who? “I can see them too when I am a sleep” you say, in a dream you mean?

  4. I wore contact lenses for many years. One of the reasons that I stopped wearing them was that they were causing me to see auras around many things. This was a visual phenomenon for me. Nothing paranormal or psi oriented was involved. Contact lenses can have a strange effect on light refraction, so you should be suspicious of any visual auras that you might see from wearing contacts.
    At the same time, seeing auras (in the sense that you mean the word) is not completely a visual phenomenon. In my opinion (that is not based on any scientifically verifiable evidence), auras are not a physical phenomenon but are an expression of a perception beyond physicality. Your eyes are a tool but only one tool that is used in viewing auras. Develop your abilities to perceive the subtle stimuli, and you might increase you abilities to see auras if that is your desire. Good luck!

  5. NO YOU CAN`T.
    Seeing auras is a very complex thing. Contact lenses won`t help in anyway. Believe me. Seeing auras means that you are actually tuning your sight to the frequency of the person you want to perceive. So as a starter you will only be able to perceive the aura of the person you concentrate on. However skilled Aura Perceivers have a higher perception anc can tune themselves to more than one people. So contacts won`t help.
    And no I can`t see Auras however I have done research on the subject for a long time.
    I Hope This Helps!


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