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Can you see auras over the television?

I can see object’s auras if i concentrate for like 5 seconds or more , but lately i’ve been seeing a dark blue outline around the people on the television! Am i loosing it or is this realy happening?


  1. i dont think you would be able to see an aura on TV
    what you are describing though is much like what I experienced at university
    I thought my lecturer had an amazing aura until i realised , when he moved …. it didn’t
    it was because he was against a plain background which creates an optical illusion and gives the impression of a silhouette
    the secret is … if it moves with you , it is an aura … if it doesn’t , its our eyes

  2. Yeah I can, my specialty is whether or not the person is healthy, sick or dead. (On the film)…it is more like sensing…

  3. Either you are losing it, or you have a vision problem, or your TV is faulty. There is no such thing as an aura, and even if there were, it would not be detected and transmitted by a TV camera.

  4. I used to see the aura of my third grade teacher. Turns out it was the afterimage of her against the green chalkboard from eye strain. I’m not too convinced that they can be seen with the eyes, though I wouldn’t discount being able to detect them in other ways.

    • It can be seen and it is easy to teach and learn. Practice. I did it in a mirror my first time to see within a couple of minutes. *white with an indigo-indigo-turqouise layer to it for those that are wondering. I do not know what they represent, but many people do. NOTE: ALL are not the same, but all have meaning and purpose. Thats why it is a useful tool. Or better said, a wonderful “sense”(6th) to realize and TURN BACK ON. Your spirit will remember! Just choose to[remember].

  5. Once you gain a state of consciousness you can see auras around everything. It is fine matter energy. Most people that are materialistically practical do not observe such things or simply say they do not exist. However, when you develop your spirituality you become more receptive of auras. You suddenly notice them around plants and objects and so forth.
    Now regarding your question. Humans have an aura. When they are filmed or Live, there auras are caught on camera. So, your answer is Yes. You can also see auras on other objects as well.
    Keep in mind, not everyone can see these auras because they have separated themselves from the spirit realm. More practical people will be blind to such things.

    • Pathfinder, very great response.
      It saddens me that someone could actually believe auras do not exist. The world would be very different if we all saw auras and understood them.

    • I 100% agree with you. Ever since I started Sun Gazing I have become so much more spiritually awaken. Auras appear to me so vividly now. Eating healthier and much less has paid so much more benefit to my taha wairua (spiritual side)

    • Thank you. I finally searched for this topic because the glow is on everyone on tv! I have been thinking it was my astigmatisms but the eye Dr told me mine are so tiny it shouldn’t interfere with watching TV.

    • Just want to add that it is more often than not that people do not separate themselves from spirit. Ever. Blinded by the controllers on purpose for sure, but if on is so inclined, they can see. Just note that once you open your eyes to see…there is no undoing. A.k.a. You can not ‘un-take’ if you will, the red pill. Truth in all things will reveal itself. If you like not knowing about the illusion, stay naive. The revelation is happening with or withouy your “believing”. It is not like Santa. It does not require imagination. It is. With or without your approval. 😉 You are welcome for what WE do naysayers.

  6. All you neigh sayers are either full of it, LYING, or just ignorant. Auras are as real as the air we breathe and there are far more amazing and utterly fantastic as well as beautiful and non beautiful things your eyes can see. IF YOU ARE SO INCLINED! THATS A REQUIREMENT! Silly doubters cant see anything beyond their noses. If you cant see the, dont try and make others feel stupid, because YOU are the stupid one. I know 1 plus 1 is 2, dont try to tell me it isnt because of your lack! Get a soul!

    • I’ve never left comments before but I think your comment is important. I often feel put down for believing and seeing what other people choose not to see. Thank you, I appreciate you standing up to rude people.

      • I want to support your supporting the statement. I also do not speak out online. Not never, but this may be my 3rd or 4th time ever. I, being one that chooses to see, can say with all honesty it is not bullhint. I do think all have the capability, but some are more inclinex to see with less effort than others just as we can all throw a ball but some need more practice than others to be accurate.


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