Home Discussion Forum Can you see a persons face through a crystal ball?

Can you see a persons face through a crystal ball?

If not, then what can you see?
I don’t think anyones a nutcase!
I would like to know more, just curiosity!


  1. Rae, a crystal ball is a vehicle for meditation and precognition. If you want to see a “face” or a clearer vision of someone, I would recommend a scrying mirror instead. This could reveal images to you similarly to the Mirror of Galadriel, when Frodo looked into it on his way to Mordor. (I hope you read or saw Lord of the Rings . . . if not you would be thinking I’m a nutcase about now!)

  2. Rae, it depends on the crysatl ball itself. There are inexpensive Crystal balls that are very large but are simply made of very clear glass whcih are totally worthless as divination tools. My Crystal ball is a genuine Quartz Crystal that’s been formed into a ball shape and is very useful for using as a scrying tool. I have seen a number of things in it, but because the “inclusions” are random and not very uniform the image is always distorted. This is usually the case in ALL crystal balls. Also MY Crystal is very “moody” and sometimes won’t work at all and other times is very accurate and will reveal what I want to know.
    Raji the Green Witch

  3. if you look in a crystal you will see the person on the other side maybe upside down give my regards to broadway luv dad ex new yorker in texas

  4. You can see a face when you use the concentration powers you get from using a crystal ball, if that customarily works for you, but it might not be any face in particular, more like using your imagination, but with more focus.
    I don’t have my crystal ball next to me. Do you have yours? What do you see?

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