Home Discussion Forum Can you reverse the purpose of gounding? (Wicca question)?

Can you reverse the purpose of gounding? (Wicca question)?

In the technique of grounding you are usually cleansing yourself of dark and negative energy is it possible that someone would be able to do the opposite. As in rid themselves of positive energy for a time and just feel dark energy. And would it be as simple as thinking of ridding posotive energy instead of dark?


  1. That’s not really what grounding is for but yes you can focus on negative energy instead of positive. Negative does not necessarily mean “bad”. Getting rid of a bad habit or an getting out of an abusive relationship could be considered negative because you are getting rid of something in your life but the outcome would be positive.

  2. Sure. It’s not exactly beginner level stuff, because it can have some pretty heinous side effects, but diving into the dark can be done.
    And although many published grounding techniques do talk about light and positivity, that’s isn’t the purpose of grounding. The purpose of grounding is to get your head into the “mundane reality” headspace after vigorous energy work.

  3. Pretty much. Most people don’t like doing it, as it’s not very useful and calming, but it has it’s effectiveness.
    I wouldn’t recomind ‘cleansing’ the positive energy off personally. You could probably pull it of just by amplifying the darkness and pulling it in tighter, as the world is just dripping with negitive energy waiting for a host.

  4. While I have never attempted this, I do know some people who do “Dark Moon Rituals” during a new moon to get in touch with the dark side of things. It is an exercise in balance.
    Grounding isn’t really getting rid of the dark, but making sure you are balanced and, well grounded. I tend to reground when I feel frazzled or unable to concentrate. Cleansing my aura of negativity is an entirely different exercise that I do when I feel depressed and out of sorts or ill.

  5. Like several others above have written, that’s not what grounding is really – grounding helps get rid of excess energy, especially after you’ve been working with it, doesn’t have to be negative or positive. I thinking that what you are referring to I would consider a cleansing, getting rid of negative energies. I don’t see why what you’re suggesting wouldn’t work, but you’re calling it dark energy, not negative – i would say there is a difference, and you may want to work out what it is before you try it.

  6. I’ll just be another one to add you weren’t describing what grounding is really.
    Of course you can call negative energy into yourself. Energy is energy and if you want to use the negative then by all means.


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