Sunday, September 26, 2021

Can you recommend relaxation techniques (yoga, tai chi, etc)?

I was looking for something that might help me to just relax in general and not be so highstrung all the time, perhaps improve concentration and flexibility too.
Is there anything you can recommend that I should consider?


  1. Great question…
    Start with some meditation and breathing techniques.
    Yoga, tai chi, chi gong are also excellent to combine physical activity with breathing.
    There are also visualization techniques you can use.
    Here are some ideas for websites – on some, you can learn what these things are about. Others will have free pages of exercises. Others ( are “doors” to getting you to buy stuff. Obviously, educate yourself… read about it… and then try the free stuff. Also, on the medical websites, look at the references… and then maybe look up the books on amazon to see if you might want to purchase of these if you want to get serious about it.

  2. Since I’ve been doing yoga for the past 8 yrs now it’s the best way to relax but more important is the PRANAYAM thing which totally concentrates on the way ur breathing. The Technique has to be perfect. Sit on a chair in a comfortable position but keep ur posture straight, relax and take a deep breath counting till 10 one breath = 1 sec so u’ll be inhaling for 10 secs. hold the breath for a second before breathing out. Now breathe out slowly counting backwards from 13 when i say 13 it is 13 secs of breathing out slowly. the first 10 counts u breathe out are normal but the extra 3 counts are for u to force out watever extra breath u can out of ur body.
    Do this cycle for 5 times and gradually increase it to 10 and then 15. Thats it u’d be a new person altogether in a few days.
    This Asana ( position ) is done sitting in indian style but i’ve told u this position ( sitting on a chair ) taking into consideration that u r an office goer and for that matter u can do this exercise anywhere any place.
    This will relax all ur muscles and ur heart will pump in good oxygen. It makes ur heart strong and ur whole body will respond nicely. ur stamins and lung power will increase as a side effect 😉
    This exercise in itself makes u concentrate and u r on ur path to meditation too in a way but yes ur concentration will increase 3 fold.
    For flexibility theres a asana called as Dhanurasana. Lie down on ur stomach, now raise ur legs bending them from the knee and with ur hands try to hold the ankle and lift ur body towards the sky. This will increase ur flexibility and also reduce ur abs ( if u have any paunch ) hold the position for 5 counts of normal breathing and then slowly lower ur body to it’s original resting position. Do this exercise for 5 counts in all . It’s a great exercise to relax and to increase ur flexibility.
    There are more but then if u can get hold of a good yoga trainer or any gym which is into Yoga then do go get some training for say a month and then u can do it on ur own. Else get some Yoga manuals from the internet and study them u may benefit from it.
    Hope I cud help u. Newayz take care and be good.

  3. I’ve found great relaxation through yoga, I’m sure tai chi would be good as well.
    The thing to do is try a couple of classes. Even within yoga, some styles are into strength and very driven, some styles are very into stretching and tuning into oneself. So I suggest you try several classes until you find one that feels right for you. If you have local yoga studios, call them and ask which style is more about relaxation, stretching, breath work, etc. so at least you are targeting the type of class you are looking for.
    Good luck!

  4. Yoga is great for relaxation. It really helps you in focusing in on your body and your breathing (which is very important in yoga). By taking deep breaths, you help your body to get the oxygen needed for the workout. Plus, many find this carrying over to their everyday life, where they can calm themselves with deep breathing during times of stress.
    When I first started yoga, I used Yoga Zone DVDs that my doctor recommended. Choose the one for beginners, and do one 20-minute session a day (or every other day). It may not seem like much, but your muscles will be able to tell – they may be a little sore at first. Also, your posture may benefit too.
    Best of all, this gives you a little “me” time to relax and do something good for your body at the same time!

  5. Try supine position. Place your hands on the mat in a push up position. Bend your back backwards once for 6 breaths,Now raise your buttocks hold and breath,more like your body in an A position. Then stand up and raise your hands trying to reach for the heavens hold and breath. Do this facing the sun.

  6. I actually found yoga hard work, rather than relaxing!
    Good ways to relax / de-stress could include:
    Meditation (there are some great guided meditations on CD’s available)
    Reiki Sessions
    Pottery (working with clay is meant to be very relaxing, plus you learn a new skill)
    I occasionally take a herbal tablet called NeuroCalm (Metagenics brand), which is very good for management of stress, tension etc…


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