Can you really see through your third eye?

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Or is it some kind of imagination? and if you can see , how do I activate it?

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Arthur Again

Generally, you poop through it.


Well, no…
My “Prince Albert” ring gets in the way!

Captain Bunkum

try shutting the other two and then crossing the street


that sounds satanic…ive got 2 for reading..


The West tends to be literal and prosaic. The East tends to be symbolic and poetic.
The third eye is the eye that allows you to see within yourself. It is not some sort of power one acquires one sunny day through meditation. It is an invitation to think more about the interior.


Gee I wish I could answer this but I never got that third eyeball so my belly button just sits there, an empty socket collecting dust…

Uncle Remus 54

You see through your mind’s eye. It is not a physical eye.
When your understand a new idea and what it means a light goes on inside your head.

Mind Elevation *7

the 3rd eye is a term simply referred to as the mind,
activating? reading, writing, studying, and being observant

Joe S

This website has the best information on opening energy centers such as the 3rd eye.
I gave you a link to the 3rd eye meditation but I recommend looking over the entire site especially the meditation section.


Sorry Myaka I’v only got 2, I had 1 in a dream where I was fight mutants armed with guns, and it came in real handy I I just closed the other to and I focused and there it was, a mutant shot it out though oh well…. I have alot of Sci Fi dreams. And fantasy 1s and fantasy mixed with Sci Fi mostly, anyway, I just focused real hard and there it was. It was only a dream, but still I did. Wish the mutant hadn’t shot it out though, that realy suck. Stupid mutant jerks. Any way the whole third eye is just a spiritral thing I think. I think it’s where u just know somethings goin on and u know exactly what’s happening, like u can see it, but u can’t. That’s happened to me in real life. Idk how I did it though I just did, Im a very spiritral person.


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