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Can you really fly with Transcendental Meditation Sidhis or is it a fake deal?

I have taken the courses (including the flying) and I didn’t rise off the ground. But I still believe it’s possible. I use the TM technique and I find it does deliver what it’s supposed to to a large extent. But flying? I failed.
I took the flying course and I actually felt a sort of ringing feeling in my body as if it was going numb and then I got scared. It was vibrating as if there was a light electrical current going through it. Please anyone, has any sidha felt this and found themselves hopping around involuntarily almost, because of that? Are you a sidha who believes you have literally taken off because you used the formula correctly?


  1. Maybe your problem is that your trying to fly with out knowing how? There are ancient Buddhism traditions that are still around that teach how …this not usualy the main goal though.:) hint…
    “The body is not outside of mind” 🙂 Read about “Yogi Milarepa”:)

  2. have you seen other float up “flying”? TM is a deep form of relaxation, elimate stress, promote health and increase creativity and intelligence, and attain inner happiness and fulfillment.
    the feeling of ‘bliss’ is what they actually refer to as ‘floating or flying’. Attaining bliss is when you feel enlightened and light in your body.

  3. There has been extensive research done on the subject, and thus far NO ONE has ever been recorded as flying, nor has anyone ever seen anyone fly. Most of them just bounce around really high. So, all things considered, it’s fake.

  4. It’s a feeling, not a physical thing. When you’re deep in mediatation and ‘forget’ your body is there it feels like you are
    literally hovering or flying, but that is from a slight separation from
    you’re body. Or maybe a full one for all I know – than that would
    be floating with your astral body/spirit, which feels exactly the same as if you are still in your body it is that real – if not more so.
    If you’re going into the meditation to reach that goal, you maynot
    be able to. It will happen when you’re not paying attention and
    just enjoying the peace. It is a subtle transition that you would not
    notice until you are already in it.

  5. The Yogic Flying techniques taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi weren’t invented by him, they are there for everyone to see (along with more than 60 other ‘sidhis’ ) in the Yoga Sutras recorded thousands of years ago by Maharishi Patanjali. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi simply interpreted them correctly and applied them.
    The texts and Maharishi himself hemphasize that for success in the sidhis one has to maintain ‘samadhi’ (pure consciousness). This is easily obtained through practise of Transcendental Meditation, however with the exeception of really experienced practitioners the movement of the body that occurs in yogic flying takes them out of that state, so the body appears to go up and then come straight back down again quickly – hence it appears like hopping.
    This is in accord with the texts, which describe how individuals will learn to fly through three stages, the first of which is ‘hopping like a frog’ – what most practiotioners are experiencing today.
    This doesn’t really matter as Maharishi has made it clear that the real purpose of the sidihis is to hasten the development of higher states of consciousness. If you are feeling some discomfort with the process, it sounds that you might need to have your technique checked by a qualified TM-Sidhi administrator, so I suggest you contact your local teacher via http://www.tm.org.


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