can you read the "aura" on People?

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Does it really exists? is it true some ppl can see it on a picture taken from a standard camera? how to see it? please your advices are welcome 🙂

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My Deathly Dearest

I wish.

lingua d'amore

Auras are as real as you and me. No, I cannot read auras, but I wish I can. And yes, some people can read auras, its a special sensitivity in their sights.
please answer mines!

bobby's girl

I have seen a glow around certain people at certain times, but I dismissed it as optical strain or something. Then my mother mentioned this one man & said that he sometimes looked like he was glowing. He was one of those people I was talking about. Kinda freaky but it’s true. In all of the cases for me, I saw or thought I could see a white aura. I haven’t explored it as a talent or gift;just chalked it up to one of those fortean things.

James B

Yes, auras are real, everyone has one.
The ability to see auras, like all extrasensory abilities, is something that you can develop with practice. When I was about 12 I started seeing them, but it wasn’t something I could do on command and I wasn’t very good at it. But I started to practice by having my friends stand against light-colored backgrounds, and I would look above and around their head and shoulders and let my eyes relax a bit until I could start making out dim colors.
Now, over 10 years later, I am at the point where I can see auras on command just by concentrating for a second, and the colors and shapes are much more vivid than they were when I first started. Just keep trying and with a little patience you will be able to see auras too 🙂

Jennifer W

read no, but I can see the aura if I focus long enough. An aura is just the energy that illuminates around someones body, Everyone has one, and anyone can see them if they focus. 😉


I can’t see them myself, but I have a friend who sometimes can.
Everyone can sense them to some degree; it’s just that a few people can actually see them, but usually they’re very visually-oriented anyway.
A lot of the websites telling you how to see them are fake; what you learn to see from those aren’t the real aura. The real aura will have many different shapes and colors in it instead of being just a single-colored glowing around the body.
I’ve never heard of anyone being able to see them in regular photographs. Supposedly you’re supposed to be able to see them in what’s called a Kirlian photograph, but I’m pretty sure that’s been disproved.


Yes, they are real and I can read them.


I can sorta if i stare at someone 4 a while i see a colorful glow it is their aura i think. the best color is white the wost is black. it kind a tells ur personality in a way ps you have to have a relative that is psyhcic or some psyhcic in your blood


Here’s a link to a good article about Auras.


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