Home Discussion Forum Can you read horses auras?

Can you read horses auras?

is it true..all horses can see auras? and is there any way, us as humans? could see a horses aura?


  1. Ask a horse. I’m sure they will be able to give you a far more compelling answer than anyone who claims that they know what a horse is seeing.
    also, Kirlian Photography in NO WAY proves auras, in the same sense that magnetic repulsion does not prove the existence of tiny fairies that exert force on certain metals. That kind of thinking is anti-scientific in the deepest sense.

  2. Okay… First you have to know that `auras` have been scientifically been proven with Kirlian Photography. Aura`s are Electromagnetic Fields around a living organism. I believe in auras but I doubt that humans can see them because they are pure waves (for example. Can you see sound? No but you can hear it). Animals are a whole different thing because their biliogical composition is way! different then ours. However you can sense the horses aura or any other living thing. Even a tree! People with simple exercises can develop their skill at sensing auras. I have done a lot of research about the topic so I should know ^ ^
    Hope This Helps!!

  3. I can’t offer any help as to whether horses see auras or not, animals are sensitive to a lot that we humans may not perceive. This includes spirits and I guess could include auras. I don’t really have the ability to communicate with animals so I don’t know. Still horses like any living thing have have an aura. It is possible to see auras in humans plants or animals. Even stones too. I have
    experienced seeing an aura first hand. A few years ago I was in class, and we had the desks in a large circle. I was sort of looking at the person opposite of me when all of a sudden I saw a large silver cone over her head. I actually was trying to see if I could see an aura in that situation. If you are interested you can train yourself to see auras. There are books out there that offer techniques and exercises so you can develope that ability. I hope this helps.


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