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Can you read auras?

I have a friend who believes he see people’s auras, and he told me mine was purple. Does any one know how to see auras, or believe this?


  1. Your aura isn’t purple. It’s mostly pink, like the color of the sky near dawn.
    Your friend’s aura is the purple one – maybe that’s getting him confused. Tell him that in order to see past his own aura he needs to use his third eye, and if that doesn’t work, go right to the fifth one (the fourth eye tends to be myopic).

  2. I can’t read auras but I was told I had a purple Aura once it’s meant to be your a kind person Good Soul! that what i was told anyway

  3. I read auras and teach others to
    and although your friend may have seen purple in yours … our aura is constantly changing with every thought and action
    with illness and excitement
    with interests and talents
    we do have predominant colours because of our personality
    but the aura contains many colours , not just one

  4. I know Jesus, and i read auras, I dont see them, I feel them.
    I feel your aura, and it is empty. Purple is royalty, and that is what you have the ability to be in the King of Kings, the prince of peace the mighty God!
    Your friend if not centered in Jesus has a false god, and beware will lead others astray with hi aura readings.
    I am born and raised Jewish,
    some have declared that Rabbi Schneerson a past away orthodox Jewish man was to be the Messiah but had a stroke the day before he was going to be made ‘the Messiah’
    our Messiah is told of in our Jewish scriptures, the two points that makes us the chosen people, to deliver this message to all the world. Like Jonah did to Ninevah. Today the rest of Judaism has no temple no sacrifice blood atonment for sins and rejects the Messiah who accomplished it all.
    Leviticus 17:11 Moses states that without a blood sacrifice there is no atonement/forgiveness of sins.
    religion is man trying to find God/God’s or whatever they choose.
    The Messiah Jesus is God trying to find man.
    compare all religions to Jesus and Messianic/follower of the Messiah, in Greek Cristos/ Christ/Christian
    to think of the religion of Athiesm; about the first life form, being formed by millions of molecules accidently coming together and forming a digestive and reproductive system with a perfect dna and becoming alive all by accidental molecules coming together with no intelligent designer kinda puts a cap on evolution.
    why not consider Islam while you are at it? the one they consider their prophet, who taught that Jesus is the sinless Messiah now in heaven waiting to return to reign over the earth. And tells his followers to study and learn from the Bible.
    Only a few problems,
    Which makes following Mohamad a basically???/unless for some because they pay less taxes in Muslim countries, and are not threated for believing in Jesus or celebrating even his birthday, it becomes the way to pray in rote as Jesus said not to do thing to do= He said an angel told him things like to marry a 9 year old little girl named Aisha, While Jesus said one man to marry one woman, Mohamad not only married a little child he also married over 10 wives but told his followers the most they can marry is 4 wives!
    He didnt quit there along with koran words to kill the infadels (meaning those that believe in Jesus and others) and that you dont need Jesus salvation, meaning that other prophets before Jesus lied saying the Messiah would die for their sins
    Isaiah 53
    that he would be God
    Isaiah 9:6 “Unto us a child i born a son is given, and he will be mighty God, wonderful in counsel, the everlasting father and the prince of peace.”
    loved by Jesus a word not heard in other faiths, unconditionally.
    some help from above too,
    & THAT HELP=Jesus offers answers.
    a good chapter Philippians 4: 6&7 prayer and peace
    13 power to do all good thing through Jesus
    also in the chapter is rejoice evermore and contentment
    written from Paul in prison for life for preaching the gospel, yet greatest book on joy love (chapter 1) and peace
    Philippians 1:6 ‘Being confident in this very thing, that he which began a good work in you will continue it till the day of Jesus Christ.”
    thanks good question;
    My Jewish people, they arent about knowing God personally. Our religious service apart from Messianic Jewish are just regular Jewish chanting, trying to invoke a blessing from a God that has been missing for 2,700 years, since the last recongnized prophet Malachi, who ended saying come Messiah.
    David in Messiah Jesus amazing grace, repented of sins and asked Jesus in to be my good shepherd Psalm 23 & John 10, Savior John 3 & 10,
    I prayed “Help me Jesus, thanks for dying for my sins I am sorry for even one lie and all the other sins, come into my heart and be my friend, amen.”
    it worked wonderful, now the bible is God’s love letter to my heart.
    and Jesus is my
    best friend
    Revelation 3:19&20 As Jesus says “I love you, repent quickly of sins. Behold I am at your heart’s door knocking to come in, if you let me in, I will enter to be your leader and friend.”
    have a good future today with the big picture in play


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