Home Discussion Forum can you reach astral projection threw listening to binuaral beats?

can you reach astral projection threw listening to binuaral beats?

im trying to reach astral projection and i heard it can be reached threw binaural beats


  1. No… bull! More ways for people to make money.
    Try turning into a bat and flying around your room and outside over the houses, etc. before bedtime. Practice makes perfect!

  2. No. If you’re capable of astral projecting by sitting there listening to binaural beats, you’ll be just as capable of it by using any of the usual meditation and visualization techniques.
    Don’t try too hard, though – that’s usually what causes one to fail. You have to sort of “let go” in order to be able to do it. One of the best ways I’ve found is to start with lucid dreaming – you tell yourself before you drift off to sleep that you’re going to have some lucid dreams and that you’re going to go somewhere other than where your body is. Then you stop thinking about it and just let yourself go to sleep like normal. A big problem I used to have was laying there waiting to “feel” something. You’re not going to so long as you lay there waiting for it – you have to just tell yourself what you want to do during the night, then let it go and forget about it. That’s the only way the sub-conscience is ever going to get the message. Lots of merchants will try to sell you things to help you do stuff like this, but they’re only really interested in one thing: your money. You don’t need their devices, they’re all cr@p. The only actual devices I’ve heard of that have -any- effect are very strong electromagnetic devices, things that actually force the electromagnetic patterns of the brain to alter. While they may induce sensations, they’re not very healthy nor are they at all cheap. You’d be having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to use such a device.
    Simple contemplation & meditation is much more effective, believe you me. Good luck! 🙂


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