Can you put a retainer in after 6 weeks of healing cartilage piercing?

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I had my upper cartilage piercing a couple of days a go.

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Ridges IV

if i pierced ur tongue yes but idk wat u pierced in ur mouth upper lip probably not


I don’t have a cartilage piercing but I do know they take longer to heal than a non-cartilage piercing…be careful, I don’t think it’s a good idea


Was it done with a needle or a gun? they say you can change it after 6 weeks if you have it done with a gun, but i don’t recommend it. realistically you should wait about 6 months. if you really need a retainer but in, go to your piercer and ask them to change it.


Sure you can, I changed my jewelry after a few weeks and it was fine. It’s not recommendable though, so you have to baby your piercing for a while after changing the yewelry (sea salt soaking twice a day).


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