Can you prove to me that magick is real?





I want to do a test. I want someone to put a spell on me, but not a bad spell. I want a spell that allows a neutral event to happen to me. Tell me the spell you will put on me on the answers box below and I’ll tell you if any of them really worked or not. Spells that are easily probable (like willing me to wake up in the morning) will not be accepted as a working spell.The most recent workable spell answer will get best answer. Thank you and good luck!


  1. As a cynical Wiccan, I have to say no, no-one can prove magic is real (what is with this magick and majic stuff anyway?!). You either believe in it or you don’t, like all religion/spirituality. Those who do, don’t need proof beyond their own experiences. Those who don’t, should leave well alone and be happy with proven science and technology.
    You may as well ask “can you prove to me that the Higgs-Boson particle will answer how the universe was created?”. If I could do that, I wouldn’t be answering fatuous questions on Yahoo 8)

  2. Okay, a shoe lace from your sports shoes will break in the month of December.
    I don’t have to actually cast a spell, just my typing it here is magic enough.

  3. No you can’t prove it. This could be for one of two reasons:
    Magic isn’t real.
    Magic behaviour in an extremely elaborate and complicated fashion that somehow defies reason in a way that when you attempt to observe it or it’s effects it is inconsistent and can’t be proven.
    Magic not being real is really the only logical explanation. Even things that can not be observed can still be studied as long as they have an effect on the physical world we live in. Magic as a concept as an unproveable thing must have no effect on our world, and is therefore completely irrelevant.
    In short don’t believe in unfalsifiable things like magic.

  4. Science is as much as a religion as magic is. Science is faith in your senses. Our sight can be tricked by simple illusion, dogs can hear what we cant, even a simple drug can confuse your sense of touch. Yet we rely on our senses to “prove” science. Science is based on faith and patterns. So I doubt you can prove magic anymore than you can science. But I dont believe in faith. If you want answers your going to have to go out and find them. An internet spell isn’t going to help you anymore than watching a tv show will. Your going to have to go figure it out yourself. Do some research, talk to a psychic, make some decisions for yourself. Don’t be convinced because you happen to get light headed.

  5. Clara, I am sorry our school system has failed you so completely. From your post, you have no clue as to what science is. Science is not based on faith, it is not a religion, but is a system based on logic, reason, objective observation, and most of all repeatibility of a phenomena under controlled conditions.

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