Home Discussion Forum Can you predict with all your psychic powers if any?

Can you predict with all your psychic powers if any?

I am not able to decide whether to take up a new job where I am currently working or to find somthing else.
if i get this job then which is only a part time then the working hours wont let me get another job.


  1. I think that the answer you seek is actually held in your unconscious, and whatever you appear to think about it consciously will not make one iota of difference about the outcome. Even the thoughts that arise in your conscious mind have their origins in your unconscious, and so the conscious only serves to tell us stories about why we have chosen the specific action we have.
    Feel free to make whatever decision you like, it will always be the right one for your life, however it works out.
    That said, I would never choose to put myself in a position where my options were lessened for the future in order to solve a short term problem.


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