Can you please tell me about your spiritual awakening(s)?

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Did something happen which caused this?

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My story is posted with other true personal stories on


born again means receiving His spirit.


um, well. I was ten years old. I went to Bible School that night. I didn’t expect for anything extraordinary or life-changing to happen.
We were told, maybe a two minute story about the life and death of Jesus Christ. We were asked if we wanted to receive the free gift of salvation. I had wanted to accept Jesus for a long time, but I was scared to. The person gave us all the choice, and if we wanted to be saved to stay in the room. If not, we could head on out to recreation or something.
I immediately stood up to leave, I couldn’t just.. accept Jesus or whatever. That was crazy.. embaressing.. but once I got out the door, I looked around, and two of my friends were still sitting. I argued with myself for what seemed like ages, but eventually, I simply had to go back. I had to accept Jesus for myself. No one could do it for me.
And so. I tried to make the situation seem light, silly.
But when I asked Jesus to come in my heart, I sincerely meant it. And he did, and I knew he did. From that moment on, I was a new creation, a born again believer and follower of Christ, Jesus.
And I’ve never been the same since.


You may not expect an answer like this, but when it was discovered that priests had been molesting children for decades and God never once intervened, I realized that either God doesn’t exist, or he’s a demented deity.

Salim Gohar

we have eyes,ear,nose,hand and mouth like this your heart and soul have also these things.But every one soul sleep in their inner body,and want to awake him before death,If you awake your soul by light of God once then soul eyes can see every hidden things and even God one day when soul fill with Light of God.


Getting beaten, battered and abused for 12 years by my ex husband
opened a whole new light and world for me once I left him.
I have been single for 8 years now and I will be married only to
god the rest of my life.
I took what made me weak in the past to build my strenght
for my future.


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