can you please tell me about candle magick?





i would like to know everything about candle magick, please.


  1. There’s not enough space to tell you everything about it. I’ll outline the process and then you can ask specific questions from there. Candle magick is a fairly simple concept but its uses are many and varied. Depending on what type of spell you are performing, you will need to choose an appropriate color, red for love or war, blue for peace, happiness or prosperity; green, silver or gold for wealth, white for purity or meditation, yellow works good for divination as well as purple.This is just an overview of the color symbolism. From there you’ll need to decide how many days to complete the spell, for certain spells, love, health,etc. It is best to use a seven-day spell. Many mark off the days or hours of the spell by sticking pins or needles in the candle in certain increments, when the candle melts down to one of these pins, a certain part of the spell has been accomplished. In addition to this, many also inscribe runes or planetary sigils on the candle using a working knife or bolline.These symbols help focus the energy toward accomplishing a certain purpose , obviously when one wishes to accomplish multiple things with one spell the spell drags on for many days and the energy has to be focused on one goal at a time. I hope this has been helpful.

  2. It is evil. THe bible says so. It will get you a one way ticket to hell unless you ask for forgiveness after practicing it. Wait, do you mean magic tricks? Or, like, Wicca magic? If you mean tricks , I dont know. But I like magic tricks. You could prolly find it on Google. Oh, wait, i just read your profile. Forget what i said about the tricks.

  3. Impossible to do in a small space like this! Personally I don’t like to read answers that seem to go on forever. I recommend a couple of books, one by Scott Cunningham and the other by Raymond Buckland. I am sure there are others out there, but I am familiar with these. You could probably find a few different ones at at a pretty good price.
    Just a note, the ignorance, insensitivity and arrogance of some people never ceases to amaze me! I guess I just don’t understand how people can be so critical of Wiccan and pagan beliefs when we are not generally critical of theirs.

  4. I am now an atheist, but before I used to practice it. What I used to do was to get a candle that corrosponds to my desire, such as green=money, red=love, white=purification, etc. Then you burn the candle while focusing on your desire.

  5. why externalize your power to a toy when all the power exists inside you when you are truly connected to the Creator. This is the only magic. The rest is child’s play and deception.

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